help me find used unicycles


I’m looking for used unicycles for sale. I presently only have one twenty inch
schwinn and I’m looking for anything else. Anyone who knows where to look for
such things please let me know. Or, if any of you people are willing to sell,
please get back to be.




P.S. a twenty four inch wheel is the ideal thing - I’m getting sick of a

Dear Skippy,

I’m sorry nobody responded to your request for help until now. I hope you found what you were looking for. If not, please try eBay – it’s a new auction site. Actually, quite a lot has changed in the last decade. Where are you now?

Klaas, will I get recognition for resurrecting the oldest thread? Sorry for the silliness, but it is a very interesting history lesson to look at RSU in its early days. Use the forum, and at the bottom of the page, select –

sorted by [last post time], in [ascending] order, from [the beginning].

By the way, what happened to all those people? I only recognize a few names.

uni57 (Dave)
P.S. - if you are reading this via Usenet, the quoted post was from 1993.

How could this post go unanswered for so long? We should be ashamed of ourselves.