Help me find 700c thread

Some time ago there was a thread about someone doing regular distance road riding, there was a nice photo and he looked to be riding a 700c with extremely thin road tyre and GB handle.

I wanted to post a link to this in the more recent ‘Lightweight Bigwheel’ thread-

however, all my efforts at searching with likely keywords have turned up nothing; last night I did a thread by thread manual search for the past 4 months and still couldn’t locate it.

Does anyone remember it or have the link or remeber some useful keywords from it?



Yes I think it was I’m famous posted by hell-on-wheel, I’d put a link to it if I knew how.


Cheers Matt; the search function allows searches by user name, so I put in ‘hell-on-wheel’ which led me to the link: -

I’ll post it on the other thread.