Help Me!!! Emergency!!

HELP!! I need cotterless cranks!! does anyone have any extras or old ones that arent bent? I dont care about quality, brand, or anything like that, I just need them!! I would prefer that the seller is from the northwestern PA area. I will be willing to pay about $30 for them. anything is welcome. best offer wins my money!

Re: Help Me!!! Emergency!!

Why not just order from

because I dont have a credit card

You can pay by check also.

Find somebody who does have checks and give them the $30 (or whatever). Or try the bike shops, though cranks for unicycles can be hard to find there. If any are dealers, they can order them for you, at the same price as ordering them yourself.

didnt know they took checks. thanks for the bright idea john!

you can also buy the cheapest steel mountian bike cranks possible from a local bike shop and cut the sprocket off the right crank. its a little work but when you’re in a pickle it works.

assuming you have crank pullers you can do the install yoru self. if you dont you will have to pay the bike shop to do it for you. you will have a hard time convincing them to cut the sprocket off for you so you will likeley have to do it your self.

you think they look at you like you’re nuts at the local bike shop when you walk in with a UNI… try walking in minutes after you purchased the MTB cranks and they’re missing (sheared clean off) the gear sprocket. and asking if they will now replace your cranks for you.

you can usually get cheap MTB cranks for about 15$

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