Help me decide....

I am debating between buying the Torker DX 20’’ or the KH 20’’. Most of my riding has been on trails with a DX 24. I’d like to get into some trials/street riding, just don’t know if the KH is worth the extra $200. Any suggestions? thanks.

id think its not really worth the 200 extra cuz its ugly and now the frames are stronger on the dx and the cranks are prolly about as strong as maybe a little less stronger than kh

The KH is an awesome unicycle. The blue alloy frame is soooo nice and light. I would go with the KH. Then again, its the only one i have rode. I have never rode the torker DX.


The DX is one of the heaviest and the KH is the lightest, take your pick.

i dont think that a pound or two will matter, at least to a somewhat begginer

i would pick the KH!!! and i did…

If your worried about quality, then you don’t need to be. The KH is over all stronger, but the DX is a solid unicycle. Wwith the new frame its pretty much a tank. A little heavy yet indestructable.

I’d go with the DX, unless you really wanna top of the line. You can have a unicycle just about as strong and a little heavier for 200 bucks less

1lbs=100 dollars



Ha Ha Ha

I dont think there is any comparason between the KH20 and the DX 20". Get the KH.

If you got the money go for the kh. OR what I would do is get a custom setup.

do the KH if you have the $$$ to spare.
That’s what i’d love to get for my next trials machine after my DX shuts down (if it ever does, the thing is a BEAST for pain. It’ll take A LOT.)

If you’re looking to save money, go with the DX.
if you’re looking to have the best machine, go with the KH.

I think you should get a custom uni with a KH frame, koxx hub and 135mm cranks, nimbus gel seat, jimmy C pedals, and a seatpost of your choice. It would be about $450. that would be an ideal uni for trials/ street/ flatland.