Help me decide on Titan :) Feed the addiction

Ok so I want to step up to a 36" for road/neighborhood ridding. I currently have 24" and 26" Muni’s. The 26 is a KH so I know the feel of a top of the line unicycle.
I’m a little leery of Coker and Luxus. Not sure why.
Don’t want to spend the $ on KH or Oracle.

I’m thinking of getting the Titan and adding
Venture2 150 cranks
Odyssey Twisted pc pedals
KH adjustable seat post
KH Street
Nimbus clear inner tube
That puts it at 632. Still at least a couple hundred under the Oracle and KH but at or above the 2 Coker options. Does this seem like a good choice for a starter 36?
Are there any rumors of any new 36ers on the horizon? Should I wait or should I jump? :smiley:

I have a Coker, which I purchased used from a guy on this forum. I like it. I haven’t ridden any other brands, so I can’t really compare, but for regular road riding, I don’t think you should have any fears about Coker or Quax. I believe they are both well built. Since you live in Utah, you may want to think about attending the Moab Munifest in two weeks. There may be some guys there with 36rs you can try out. (I’m going to bring mine, just for the heck of it, so if I see you there you’re welcome to ride it.)
Wheel size preference is very subjective, and I think every rider has their own likes and dislikes. I recently built a geared-hub 32" (which uses a KH36 frame), and I like it better than my 36r. For me, it’s more versatile. So my recommendation is to try different things, and go with what works best for you.
Good luck!

Personally at that price range I would go for a Coker Big one but there is nothing wrong with your plan if you don’t want to go that way.

Strong cranks is always a nice upgrade

I am not sure the twisted PC pedals are an upgrade over the Nimbus ones. I like steel pins, especially when riding in the wet.

While the adjustable seatpost is very nice, if you are on a budget I would probably skip it. Once you find your angle you tend to “set it and forget it”

A good saddle is a must.

And a light innertube makes a world of difference, though I find the Foss tubes will loose air over time, the lighter weight is worth it.

No rumours that I know about.

Jump in.

The titan doesn’t come with an ISIS hub, so venture2 cranks are out, your stuck with cotter less cranks.

I just went through this, didn’t want to shell out $900+ for a 36er… thats too much. I already had a seat, seat post, cranks and pedals from other unis, so I had UDC build a wheel and I bought a kh frame, this was about $600. A seat, seat post, cranks and pedals could probably be had off the trading post for less than 150. Only a hundred more than your quote for the upgraded titan, and WAY better ride.

Something to think about. They were fast building the wheel, I was impressed.

I love it!

Email to me from UDC: “The Nightfox frames will be on our April container. Check back the beginning of April for an ETA.”

You could buy a nightfox instead.

Thanks for all the ideas. I can’t make Moab this year but hopefully next year.

saskatchewanian your probably right with pedals but the stock pedals look like the ones off my daughters huffy :slight_smile:

Anton005 has venture2 cranks in cotterless which is nice.
I thought about piecing everything together but I don’t have many spare parts.

As for the Nightfox I can’t get on board with the adjustable fork legs. They seem like a torsional weak spot(I could be wrong) I just want a standard frame. But the ISIS hub and cranks on it are nice.
It would be cool if that was an option for the titan.

ISIS cranks are overkill on a road uni. There are some niceties that come along like standard 5 bolt disc mount, and dual holes; however, the interface itself is not really an upgrade the way it is for MUni or Trials. It’s also heavier.

I second Eric’s opinion of the Coker Big One with a nice saddle. I ran a 29er tube in my 36 before the Foss tubes came out, and it was a huge difference in weight. Another way to shave some weight, and do it on the cheap. Also, you can get those tubes at any bike shop. Another nice thing about the Big One is that it has cantilever mounts, so you can run a VBrake.