Help me decide 19 or 24 uni

Well I know I said I wanted a muni so I thought a 24" would do. But here in Maine the winters come quick and tend to stay around. Were only now getting some summer type weather! 3 weeks of hard rain! Well the wife says only one uni. I work in a large garage with plenty of trials potential after hours! And I have heard starting out on a 19" trials is easier? I have a little experience but none at trials but it sure looks fun! Also can trials be a good fitness routine as much as Muni?

How many of you started on trials then moved to Muni or the other way around.

Also KH or koxx :slight_smile:

hmmmm…well if you’re def gonna do trials get a 20".

and trials is an incredible workout

oh i started on a 24", moved onto 20" lol. But i still love muni, florida just sucks for it.

lol edit again: Im only a nimbus user, but i have had a kh before and you can’t go wrong with it. not saying koxx is bad either

Thanks, I am leaning towards the KH 20". Figure after I show her some skills(hopefully…on the skills that is) I`ll buy the 24" or 29" :smiley:

Snow or rain does not mean you can’t Muni :wink:

How about getting a 20", show your wife how fun it is and lend her your uni so she can learn. Of course you have to get a 24"/29" then…

Otherwise I second From the Woods.

You should mention how tall you are. If you are close to 6’ or above, get the 24. Even some of the guys doing trails/street use a 24 or 26" even. THe trials uni is JUST good for tricks. Since you are an adult, most of us like to also move on the uni. A 24 is much better for that. If all you want to do are tricks and arent tall, get the trials.

Why don’t you spend less on your first uni, then you’ll have money left over to get a second uni?

You can get nearly two Nimbus unis (19 Trials and 24 muni) for the cost of a KH.

I like this idea the best!

Im 510 by the way

Its not my first uni, as I said in another post I had a rusty old schwinn…but it was years ago. Plus I havent shown my wife the cheaper ones, shell say “well you don`t need a KH then” When your married you have to be smart in situations like this. I have only shown her the KH site and the koxx-one. I have told her everyone on this great forum rides these! just a little white lie;)

Anybody got any good vids on 24" trials?


i’m 6’2 and have 3 20s. and i ride the 20’s 99% of the time.

Muni is easy, trials is really hard

I have a KH 19 and 24. Excellent choice, worth it if you have the $, otherwise Nimbus is good and only a bit heavier.

Riding around on the soft tired muni is easy, a great work out.

At first, when I got the 19 it was boring. Only better at doing the kind of stuff I couldn’t do yet, and slow. Eventually, I learned to ride backwards and do minor hopping (way harder then it looks IMHO), and the 19 became fun to.

It’s almost like asking a golfer what is a better club, a putter or a driver.

I would say start off with the driver, but you will want a putter soon.:slight_smile:

LOL, That’s very true. Good analogy.

If you plan to ride trails, then the 24 is way more preferable than the 19. Especially if you are just starting out, a lot of basic trials skills can be learned on a 24. I would much rather do trials on a 24 than MUni on a 19.

With that in mind, if trail riding isn’t that important to you and trials is what you really want to focus on, then a 19 would be more ideal.

The fitness is a bit different, I think. Trials is a series of explosive moves until the obstacle is overcome and then you rest. MUni, on the other hand, is more a slow burn while flowing through long stretches of trail, sometimes punctuated by sections suited for using trials skills.