help me buy new pedals

i’ve finally trashed one of my snafu pedals. so i need new ones. i’m thinking of getting the same thing, sealed snafus. I’ve been reading some old threads and people say the pins pop out buti’ve never had a problem. also seems a lot of people like the dk’s or the primo’s. I basically need advice/suggestions of what to buy. any help would be apreciated. Oh, almost forgot, I ride a 24" muni off road and i do some street/trials/whatever with it. I’d like the pedals to be as bomb proof as possible without breaking the bank($50 max). thanks.

While I really like the DK Iron Crosses they are a bit heavy for the grip they deliver, same thing goes for the Brooklyn Shinburger pedals in my opinion.

If I were to get a new pair of pedals it would probably be the Odyssey Cielencki pedals, Dans has a sweet orange pair.

Snafu’s are always a good option as well.

Check out dans comp they have a good selection of pedals, sealed and unsealed bearings…

Just a note on the Snafu pedals. My new KH24 came with them, and I’ve had it about two months, and almost 180 kms. Although I’ve done practically no pedal grabs, one of the pins is now missing. I can’t exactly tell if it simply unscrewed (unlikely, I think) or was knocked right out. Otherwise, the pedals have been great so far! Just my experience with Snafu…

Get Odyssey Jim Cielincki’s. They’re awesome. If you need to find reasons, just look in another pedal discussion thread … I’ve sang the praises of these awesome pedals many a time.

All pedals that use set screws as grip pins will loose a few pins eventually. The grip pins are just ordinary set screws that you can get at a well stocked hardware store (that carries metric hardware) or at a specialty fastener store. Buy a few extra set screws that are the right size and keep them on hand to replace pins that fall out. Use Loctite threadlocker when putting the set screws in the pedal and they’ll be less likely to fall out. It’s no big deal. However, if a pin shears off and you are unable to remove the broken part from the pedal then it is a big deal cause you’ll never be able to replace that pin.

If you can’t find set screws at a hardware store then check some local bike shop. They often have a supply. DansComp and other online stores also stock replacement grip pins for various pedals.

I’ve lost set screws on all of my pedals that use set screws. When I loose a pin I replace it. I use Loctite when replacing it. It’s no big deal.

Hi John, Thanks alot for your info about replacing grip pins. I somehow was under the impression they were something special, and never even thought of the possibility of an easy replacement. I’ll certainly check at the local store for some set screws. Again, thanks for your advice! :slight_smile:

Mark, since (as I just learned) the grip pins are easily replaced, I would certainly vote for Snafu as an good replacement option!

thanks for the advice guys. i was looking at the cielencki pedals too. if the price difference worth it? also, i like the snafu’s because they’re pretty big. I have size 13(us) shoes on while riding so a longer/wider pedal is nice because my feet are pretty big. are the Jim C pedals about the same size, or better yet a bit bigger?

I like the JC’s because their surface space is identical to the Snafus, except the pins aren’t as vicious on you if they hit you (yet still quite grippy), and the surface is more concave, so your foots sits in it better. They’re basically the same, except the JCs are thinner and feel better on the foot (and won’t slice to the bone on your shin if they hit you, just give a nasty bruise and a small cut). Also, they’re sturdier, in my experience. My friend bent Snafu axles doing things that I’ve done to my JC’s without damage. And the pedal frames will NEVER break.

So yeah, it’s worth the 5 bucks.

I’m fond of the JC’s myself, and they come in a huge veriety of colors.

Get the Jimmy’s C’s they are awesome. Pretty good price too. Most BMX ish bike shops carry thm too.

To h*ll with bearings, go for the Atomlab Aircorps!

Have you tried the bearingless Atomlab Aircorps? I haven’t been able to get them yet to try.

Yes… so far I love them. Definitely the best “feeling” pedal I’ve ever ridden.

DU bushings feel very smooth, too.

Sweet! I want to give them a try. I called an online shop a month ago and they didn’t have the bearingless version in stock yet. I’ll call them again soon.

At $95 or so online and $120 MSRP, they’re a little out of the price range of markf.

I was at and I weighed the JC and Snafu.
The Snafu (without sealed bearings) are lighter.

i would love to try the bearingless pedals, but i’m fairly poor and new pedals are a semi-big investment for me right now as is. if my family memebers want anything other than stories of how good i am at unicycling for chirstmas. I think i’m gonna give the jim C’s a try. weight isn’t a huge concern, my 24" muni is far from light as it is anyway. thanks for all the help though everybody.

If it’s not too late, I’m gonna throw in my $.02 and say Primos. Your feet stick to them like glue, even in rain. Cheaper than the Jim C.s too.

but they dont come in HOT PINK! more pedals should come in crazy colors.

definitely not too late. Also, i know about danscomp and a few other websites, what’s a good place for prices on this kinda stuff? the local bike shop has all of 2 kinds of bmx/non-clipless pedals. How big are the primo’s? i have huge feet so i need big pedals. I’ll probably order this weekend. If no one says anything incredibly swaying, i’ll probably throw down for some sealed Jim C’s.

  1. Primos are more than a HALF POUND heavier than JC or Snafu.
  2. Primos are far less grippy than Snafu.
  3. Snafu weighs and costs less than JC.

So far, the Snafus are as durable as the Primos with the exception that I lost 2 pins. I think the bearings have been better with the Snafu, but the Primos have been been more indestructable under strikes.

If I rode only urban (with lots of pedal grabs) in dry weather, I would probably use Primos.