Help me build a rack for holding Unis in a VAN

I usually try to ride everyday, so at work I usually have 4 unicycles in the back of my minivan. I usually have a 20" fat tire, 26" road and 26" MUNI, and either a 32" or 36". Depends on the day, the weather, or how I feel on what or where I might ride, that’s why I carry 4.

Problem is I need a more organized way to hold them. Anyone have any Ideas on a simple rack they built, or that I can build to hold them from bouncing / bumping into each other, while making it simple to pull one out and put it back. The minivan is 4’ wide in the back, and I get them in & out from the rear hatch. I have stow & go seats so the back is flat. Thanks.

I have been wondering how to transport one or two Uni’s on the outside of the motorhome - on the roof, or on a rear rack.
The best option at the momment is a £140 ($200) Fiamma bike carrier.
The rack could be fitted inside your van, and can unclipped to be stowed away in the garage when not in use.

Some people use pipe clamps similar to those used on Bicycle workshop stands.
The uni is held upright when the seat post is clamped.
These are £45 ($60) each.

Home Depot should have something similar and slightly cheaper like this.
Bolt a bar across the inside of the van, and fit a few of these quick release clamps ($20 each as shown below).
If they are available in plastic they should be inexpensive.

Maybe something simple like 1"x8"s on edge to form an egg slicer like rack.
I see these all the time in the back of trucks that are shuttling bikes to the top of bike park mountain.

One wheel to the front, next one to the back, then front again, etc…
They could be as close together as the cranks allowed if you did not stagger them forward and back.

Bungee the seat down if the van needs to leave the ground otherwise gravity will cover this duty.

Ahhh Bungees
That’s what I use at the moment to keep one (or two) unis safely tied up in our motorhome storage locker.
Saddle handle or rear bumper is laid down on the floor, with the wheel standing upright, strapped to the wall with bungees.

For a semi permanent fixture in a van, I would fabricate a homemade wood rack with slots at seat post height, and use bungees to secure.
Then secure the base of the wheels somehow.

Shock cord can be bought from a boat yard or hardware store if none standard bungee lengths are required.

If you google unicycle rack this picture pops up as a forum attachement.
I recognise it from Terry’s video’s (unigeezer)
This type of set-up would look great in your van. (photo creditted to Terry)

I like this , I can make it out of wood, steel or maybe even aluminum. Last night after a few hours of searching I found a bunch of inexpensive bike stands, that have potential to copy, or buy and modify. No I just have to figure out how to resize to post here.

Not quite what you are asking for, but I use a Maxxraxx towbar mounted cycle rack.

Using 4 cradles for 2 unicycles works really well & the tyre jams up against the horizontal bar to stop the wheel rotating.

I’ve been piling unicycles into minivans and VW Buses since 1984, but I never considered a rack. That was in part because it was often a (very) different set of cycles to be carried, and the convenience of a rack translates into more space between the cycles, which means less room for them all.

While I usually relied on careful stacking (keeping pedals away from paint, etc), you could also use simple things like blankets or foam padding (camping pads are simple and light) to separate and protect things. It won’t be as convenient pulling things out or putting them back in, but you’ll be a lot more flexible that way. :slight_smile:

The example below is not a typical ride; it’s moving the “ceiling hangers” part of my collection from the old house to the new house in 2015. But they are carefully stacked to not beat each other up in transit.