Help! Magura brake problem.

OK, OK. I’m being a bit dramatic, as it’s still totally rideable.

But it’s bothering me that I can’t really center the pads, nor reduce the travel as much as I want to…


One of my pads doesn’t move nearly as much as the other one does when I press (and release) the lever.


I guess that’s normal behavior because mine are the same. It still is annoying but I don’t think there is any way to change that…

they won’t move in unison because of the fluid drag in the cross pipe, so one will hit the rim before the other always. WHy do you want to reduce the travel? Do you mean the distance from pad to rim when they’re off i.e. how far the pad travels to hit the rim?

This is normal?

You are right that it’s the pad connected directly to the lever that goes further–but by about 4X as much.

Does anyone find that this is not normal–i.e. does anyone not have this problem, or much less?

I guess I should remount them so that I can run the pads with less travel without rubbing (yeah, that is what I mean Dave).

I don’t think mine move by 4x as much, but they do move at slightly different times on the lever pull.

I do have them set quite far out though - personally I find that better with the mount I’m using (KH brake mount), cos I like having the lever right up close to the saddle handle when I am braking.


I’ve got Magura rim brakes on my tandem (actually HS66, but the calipers are the same as HS33) and I wouldn’t say the pads move different amounts. The one on the lever side usually hits the rim first, like Dave mentioned, but when the brake is released they both retract equally. Perhaps your calipers are a bit sticky. My tandem is only ridden on the road so they’re not subjected to as much crud as they might be on a muni or something.


so, what do I do

are they defective? Need to be rebled? Cleaned some special way?

I turned the dial to the minus, and this improved things.

Before, they did the first one, then the other one move, thing. That’s not it now. In unison, but at different rates and both touching at once.

The pistons should come out at a fairly same distance. Try cleaning out the the pistons by pulling the brake lever & use warm water/soap and put a dab of Triflow or equivalent thin lube. If the problem does not go away, you want to re-bleed the brake line.

just to check in

I found that tri-flow spray behind the pads along the side of the cylinder on the side that doesn’t move as much–this fixed the problem.