Help! Mad4One cranks on Koxx-One wheel.

My Mad4One cranks do not fit on my koxx one light wheel.
I can put them on the hub but they can’t go far enough in the hub…
The same happens when I try to do it with my KH Asym’s.
I’ve got 13mm screws.

Does somebody knows how to get them on?!
If you know some about the problem, please help me!

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Grease the splines, then use a rubber or wood mallet to strike the arm onto the spndle, this should set it on far enough to engage the ISIS bolt threads.

But before you do this, make sure the splines match up as these are two different mfgs, so they can have a slightly different take on the ISI standard.

FYI, this thread should be in general not reviews, you’ll get more hits that way.

Do you have the new or old k1 hub?
And also the cranks will only go on as far as the pins are long.
Take some pictures, much easier to see what is going on then :slight_smile:

How to know if it’s the new or old one: K1 isis light hub compatible w/ KH moments?

Thanks guys!

Yes Jacob, I have the “new” one! The one Emile shows! Cool video BTW! :wink:
Yes, I will take some pictures. I can’t find anywhere on internet, where to buy 15mm screws or longer…
Thanks again guys! :slight_smile: