help: Kris Holm or koxx-one?

i want to advance and buy a better street rial uni then I have (a simple nimbus).
i asked a few people, some said KH and some said K1.
What is better for what?(trial\street)[/I][/I]

If you really want to upgrade I would save some money and just get a new wheel set. Personally I would go KH over Koxx but both are good.

If you want to do trial and street buy a KH. Koxx unis are often realy specialiced for example they have special cranks for street or trial the KH cranks are atleast the same good for trials flat and street.

also, i forgot to ask, is the long neck of mots street unis disterb trial riding? (because the seat is higher then normal)

that depends on your size

Trials riders often prefer longnecks, as they mean the seatclamp is up higher and doesn’t get in the way of one’s legs. You’ll find that many trials riders like to have their seats very high anyway. It depends how high you like to have your seat, but it is possible to cut down the seattube of the longneck KH to have your seat lower.

If you ask me, definitely go with the KH. They might not have all the same pretty colour options, but are a better all-round 19" uni and are really well-built.

A high seat post really is personal preference for trials, some like a low seat, some like a higher seat for SIF. I thing long neck would be a bit too long for trials really, but thats becuase I’m short.

The KH20 is a good all rounder really, strong, light and good for most styles.

i just got my kh 20 last friday,and i did cut the seatpost down a bit myself,little by little until it was to my liking. i just started out and i love it already. although i can only get around like 3 or 4 pedals right now—i just keep practicing! i think the kh is a definite good uni and well built,now i have to buy a uni for my son!

anuther thing: will a Try-All Stiky Tyre fit the 2007 KH rim? did enyone tryed it? is it working? is it better? (im planning to buy the KH and i wanted to know if the tyre will do any difference)

Any “trials” tire will fit the KH rim. CC, Tryall, Luna, Monty, Echo, …, none are rim specific, as long as you are putting it on a 19" rim, 'sall good.

I personally like the Tryall much much ore than the CC. Its all personal preference tho. The tryall has thicker sidewalls and wont fold as much.

Wait, you got a KH to learn to ride on? At least you’ll never need to upgrade! Good luck learning. And hopefully your son will get hooked too.

Do you mean you cut the seatpost (the black thing attached to the seat) or you got a longneck and cut down the seat-tube (the top of the blue frame) ? Did you just use a good ol’ hacksaw?

me and kevin (kidmuni) hav had experience with both KH and K1. we both definately agree on K1. and the cranks on K1 unis aren’t really that specialised. u can do trial with street cranks and street with trial cranks, there is very little difference, they just hav slightly different feels. and as for the height of the neck, i don’t c how it would make a difference, it just simply doesn’t look as good i reckon.

so basically just go for a K1 because they r just alot more comfortable to ride and they feel great (plus the look awsome)

I prefer Koxx-One over Kris Holm unicycles.

yes i actually did get a kh, as i am just learning,and i just went out with my son this past weekend and he bought a sun 20’’ uni.although not the best of unis,but if he likes it latter on then we may upgrade him to a torker,as for me-kh all the way,i got an excellent deal on it so i just had to get it,and love it!

i cut the seatpost down,actually took about 1 3/4 off of it to lower it to my liking,and no,i didn’t use a hacksaw,i used a pipecutter,a perfect cut everytime,a hacksaw is sloppy way of doing it

A hacksaw might be sloppy but it is the safe way of doing things. I usually used a pipe cutter but then filed down the edges to make sure the seat post is not flared at all at the end. It ends up being about the same amount of work as using a hack saw.

there has been talk about the proper way to cut a seatpost on here after Ken (Gizmoduck) used a pipe cutter then got his post stuck in his new KH36 frame.

I was a hacksawer converted to the pipe cutter but am now reconverted to a believer in the hacksaw.

Sorry that was a bit off topic but might be important anyway.

i used some grease on the post after cutting it,rode for 3 days straight last weekend,and took the seatpost off yesterday without a problem,i guess as long as you grease the piss out of it and check it from time to time it will be ok i would assume

Do you like q-factor or not? I like my cranks without q-factor, so I ride a Koxx wheel. I believe moments have much more q-factor than the Koxx cranks.

(Q-factor is how much the cranks angle out from the hub. That is a terrible explanation, but maybe someone else could explain better.)

it’s actually my first uni,but as far as q factor–it doesn’t seem to bother me or get in the way of anything----i cant wait to learn to ride and turn and all that,i am progressing pretty good i have to say for 1 months time