Help--Koxx wheel and Nimbus 2 frame--Help

Ok. I’m Asking this question for my brother. He just got a Koxx 19" Trials wheel and a nimbus 2 frame. People say they are supposed to be compatable but the bearing holder bolts don’t reach. Do we need to get longer bolts? Or do we just need to kinda force the wheel in there.
I know Cody has Koxx wheel and a torker 40mm frame, but how did he get his wheel to fit?

Longer bolts should do the trick. If you try to force it you risk crushing your bearings…You should be able to get some bolts at a local hardware shop for a few cents.

i think you need to kinda force the wheel in there. wait for more replies though, it shouldn’t make any differnece to the overall strength of the frame.

Ha Wrong

how so?
it sounds like its not going in there all the way, and if the bearing holders themselves are bent it doesn’t hurt anything as long as nothing happens to how they are connected to the frame. Have you ever heard of breaking a bearing holder?

No but I’ve heard of broken bearings.

Lol that dang Torker was harder than lacing my nimbus, I have used both, I jsut used my Koxx bolts with my nimbus frame, so just go to your local hardware store and get some new bolts. Just be sure not to cram or “Force” things on Ive gone threw a few sets of bearings that way lol…