Help kh cranks

Hello, I’m MUNI rider from Spain, This is my Kris holm 24 unicycle (year 2005? i think).
I want to buy new cranks for it, it has 170mm and I want a 150mm cranks.
MY QUESTION IS: new Kh Moment Cranks are compatible whit my unicycle? witch ones are compatible?

Sorry for my poor English

Unfortunately not, those are the KH splined cranks, not ISIS, therefore are not compatible with your unicycle
If i’m correct, any of the cranks on this page should fit your unicycle :slight_smile:

I think you can fit Qu-ax Splined cranks and Torker splined cranks, but I’m not 100%. That unicycle looks awesome though :wink:

+1 i like it

that’s like an antique uni. and still very strong & in good shape

you should send your picture to , they will know if there are Cranks availiable for it. It can be splined hub or onza style. As far as I know there are no 150mm Cranks for it cause in that times 170mm was the common size. So it can happen that you have to change the hub to an ISIS one, then you are free in mounting plenty of different Cranks. all the rest can stay as it is and i agree it looks really nice.

You could cut the cranks, take 20mm out and have them re-welded. It wouldn’t be pretty, but it’d probably work.