help in getting a unicycle

my mom wont let me get a unicycle. Can you guys post POSITIVE stuff about unicycles so she will let me get one?

It’s a great amount of exercise. I find I don’t exercise unless it has a purpose (As in entertaining, I’ve been reccomended to be checked out for ADD) It exercises your feet, strenghtens ankles, knees, thighs, hips, lower back, shoulders, stomach, arms, hands. Maybe even help you with good posture haha!

It’s not a LOT of gear to get or to take around.

It’s a great community, many very nice people.

With proper protection it’s quite safe (Depends on what you get into I suppose)

It’s very fun, and when she sees you zoomin around the neighborhood she will want one too!!

i’ve been riding 6 years (extreme for 3) and i have never seriously gotten hurt.

As said it is an awesome workout, an amazing hobby and just plain fun.

Riding a unicycle is like saluting the flag on individuality and refusing to bow down to what is accepted to be possible and what we ‘should do’. The only thing we ‘should do’ is be ourselves, forget what others think. In this way unicycling builds character, and helps with going against peer pressure in more extreme situations you may encounter sooner or later (ie drugs, bad stuff). You’ll be used to these kinds of situations/remarks/feelings and be prepared to stand up for what you believe, whether that be riding one wheel or staying clean. Good stuff.

Unicycling is a lot better for a kid than watching the boobtube or playing video games, which it seems like that is all people do now. What ever happened to fresh air? Rotting your brain playing games Vs. Honing in and fine tuning your sense of balance and learning new skills. Easy decision for me.

Our sport is so young, each of us here have the ability to put our mark on the sport. We all have a chance to be ‘the guy who…’, you just have to want it. The opportunity is there, just waiting for enthusiastic riders to go take it.

There are some down falls like minor injuries and such, but you can’t go through live scared of everything. Unicycling isn’t like football, when you mount that wheel you have full control and can choose how extreme or mundane you want that ride to go. From doing crank flips down 12sets all the way to cruising along watching the sun set, is all up to you. You learn to assess situations and take the consequences into consideration, since pain isn’t too great of a thing, this of course is carried to all other aspects of your life. Responsibility plays a role in this, which is always good.

I’m not sure of your age, but having a way to vent at the end of a bad or hard day is something we can all use. Especially teenagers. Instead of fighting or screaming you can channel your aggression into that new combo or trick you’ve been working on, I always come back with a clear head and a smile on my face. Doing something positive with something negative when misused, which is seems it normally is, so can’t beat that!

Since our sport in still very young, the prices of our equipment haven’t been jacked up beyond all hell making it impossible for some to participate. The bike industry does that because somebody will pay, we’re not quite that far yet, so a big plus. 350$ will get you a pro quality ride for street/trials/flat, the biggest styles out. About the same for Muni.

It does not only provide participants with physical exercise, it exercises life skills as well. Not to mention the awesome community… Unicycling isn’t just a hobby, it is a way of life. It isn’t about taking the easy way or the most common way, it’s about choosing what is best for you, and for many of us one-wheelers that is making our own way at the forefront of an emerging sport.

Things it’s better than:

  • Sitting around
  • Getting in trouble
  • Becoming a grafitti artist
  • Playing video games
  • Watching TV
  • Sleeping
  • Hanging out on the corner
  • Selling drugs

What were your mom’s objections? Dangerous? Dancing With The Stars is apparently more dangerous. Sheesh.

Another thing to note is that it’s a great alone time thing if you don’t have other people to ride with. I live on top of a mountain, and there’s really nothing else to do around here. I love being outside, I love the fresh air, and I love it when it’s quiet. So when I’m outside, learning how to do things on my uni, it’s very peaceful for me. As soon as I start to get frustrated, I stop, sit on the wall nearby, and just drink from my water bottle as I look out upon my city and the ocean and the islands. Once I’m calm and collected, I try again, usually with shocking success.

I might be new to this, and new to the community, but it’s one of the most entertaining things that I do, and it is definitely beneficial to my health, both mental and physical. And I can’t wait to see where it takes me in the future.

In the one week that I’ve been riding (a little bit longer now I guess) I’ve already learned that 4 different people in my neighborhood ride unicycles, or have in the past. Now there are really NOT many houses up here, maybe 30 or so… It’s very exciting!!

WOW!!:smiley: Great pro-unicycling speech!! I absolutely loved reading it. You just made me extremely proud to be a unicyclist!!:D:D

At 38 years old I will agree on unicycling is a stress release…I have an ex-wife, kid, stessfull job, morgage, lost half of my retirement, ect…I will truly say it is what gets me relaxed at the end of a long day. I haven’t drank alcohol in 35 days (been unicycling for 35 days). No more drinks to loosen up…just my 26" wheel.

Tell your mom it is like learning to walk again and for her to remember how fun it was to watch you learn to walk the first time.:wink:

When you fall it’s not like falling off a bike or even a skate board, you land on your feet and there no bike to trip you up…you just step down.

I hope she gives in…I have been riding bikes my whole life and have thousands of dollars in them. My $90 unicycle with one wheel is more fun than all wheels of all my bikes put together. :slight_smile:

Unicycling is SUCH a stress reliever and so fun! I’m ADHD, it helps me settle down, burns off some of my energy so I can focus better and is much safer then skating. It makes me a happy go lucky person and yes, I have lots of stress! Not on the uni though. :smiley:

is wickedbob a pro?

No. Wickedbob, aka mike, aka mikey mikey motor cyki, is the boy know as butter.

Unicycling is the reason that I dropped out of university, but it also allowed me to meet my wife.

I have only had to have surgery once for a unicycle-related injury, and it wasn’t serious.

Unicycling feels like flying.

I could not agree more. Especially after a bad day, unicycling is that one thing I can take all my anger/stress out on. I’d much rather learn a new flat trick, than let my anger get the best of me. Riding a uni is the only panacea for me.

Get your mom a unicycle

So…get the unicycle of your dreams and give it to your mom. She will either be so excited about her new sport and insist you join her, or she’ll decide she would rather eat bon bons and play video games, and insist that you keep the unicycle.

This is by far the best idea, and it sounds like it would actually work!

All fantastic and accurate responses, I wanted to add one more thing…

BRAIN POWER! The coordination and balance you will gain while learning to ride your unicycle to being a pro and beyond will create millions of neural connections that you otherwise wouldn’t have had. This will allow for several connections to both hemispheres, while strengthening existing connections. Synapses will happen cleaner and faster as you work more, and thus like a muscle, get stronger! So tell your mom that you NEED this unicycle to increase your SAT scores for college!! :smiley:

Great one Tumbles…and he should you my comment and tell his mom that he needs to unicycle so he doesn’t start drinking. :wink:

drinking? i’m a kid

You can’t drink your whole life away if you don’t start at the beginning.;):smiley: :astonished:

As for your predicament: got nothing. Maybe just keep asking and extolling the one-wheeled virtues, eventually wearing her down. People who make arbitrary rules for their children often lack the stamina to follow through in the face of persistent annoyance. You canalso find used Torkers and old Schwinns on Craigslist for cheap. Maybe buy one and keep it on the sly for a while. Then when you get good break it out and impress her with your skills?

hey man i think i’ve got a way you can convinve her :smiley:
what happened to me was my mum was convinced it was a stupid thing and a rip off and she wouldnt let me get one for months, then i went to a local convention thingy and there was a unicycle hall, i had a go there and my mum saw that it wasnt all stupid :stuck_out_tongue: see if you can get to a convention and have a go on one, make sure your mum see’s if you do get a go
also dont just try to find a unicycle convention, juggling conventions seem to always have at least a few unicyclists :o