Help I'm alive by Adrien Delecroix

Take a look at this video done by Adrien

Url: Help I’m alive
Video:: helpimalive.mp4

QUADBACK!!! oh my gosh sooooo clean and easy looking!! Adrien you are just too insane buddy. Keep up the riding! And even more, keep up the videos!!

Now that… was a great video…

Sick riding, Poham-esque filming, and nice editing to go along with it all.
Big tricks from start to finish. I’d say my favorite was the fulloutsideback, just because I think thats a great trick. But I also loved the line with the treysidetriple and the tripleback in it.

I like street.

Why are their noobs in his video?

Great filming, personaly I think its cool he did it with other lesser skilled riders.

What an awesome video, especially watching it this early in the day. Great way to start the day… thinking about some awesome uni skills. Video was really well put together, and music fit it well. Nice one :slight_smile:

Adrien THIS VIDEO IS HOT! Did you edit, if so AWESOME, keep it up you never cease to amaze me!

oohh :frowning: i was planning to use this song for one of my video. btw great vid!! :open_mouth:

Awesome video! I also planned on using this song :frowning:

Quadback!? I love you. By you I mean Adrien.
But something that annoyed me was how the camera was sideways a lot of the time. Other than that, it was amazing. The editing was really nice also.

Adrien, I really liked this video when I watched it a third time. Micheli and Nicolas are two good riders.

I am leaving a comment for this video because it was special, your style on tricks is special, every new trick you land is cool, and every time you land a trick in a video i think “that must have felt good for him”.

outside scuffcoast? :smiley: whatever it was it looked sick, same for the quadback, really enjoyed this video! :slight_smile:

haha obviously this song was a popular choice :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been seeing this song everywhere lately

I bet you mean hearing this song.

Toss over that.

Oh, and I watched the video again and it’s still awesome.

nice video :slight_smile: some cool flip lines in there! i liked the rolling lots of wraps to 540

@ SkierAlex : I’m one of the noobs you talk about man :wink: Maybe you can do like your friend Christian Huriway did to mine : Adrien Delecroix. If you do it everybody will see who is the noob between you and me :slight_smile:

You are bringing up a good Point Alexandre, Unicycling is a lot more fun if you have friends to ride with, no matter the skills. And Alexandre is not a noob.

Yeah i’m totally agree with you Josef i don’t take care of the skills of my unicycle’s friends. For exemple i really like to ride with the Unistyle crew even if there is riders from 7 to 43 years old and there is a big difference of level. we are all together for riding and having fun :wink:

And I’m angry that an unicyclist that i never see and that i don’t know call me noob. Notice the fact that he is good for criticize people who are trying to progress but that he is less good for make video and for ride :sunglasses:

Criticize behind his computer is easy but i wanna see a video from this guy and know why he was so aggressive in his commentary :slight_smile:
And this guy must know that Nicolas won the street comp at EUC and that he’s powered by QU-AX :wink: But Nicolas prefer ride that post stupid com in an international forum.