HELP i'm 6' i too tall?

Im fifteen years old and 6’4 (yes, six foot four), and concerned that if I buy a 24" muni that i’m interested in, the seat won’t raise high enough for me. Is there some sort of seat extender that I can buy, and if so where? Or perhaps am i doomed to ride unicycles too small for me?

I’m taller than you and I had problems finding long seat posts. Consequently, I now make the 400 mm posts available at

They should be plenty long.

Im no expert but I believe the easiest solution is probably to buy a longer seat post. sells seat posts in several sizes. The longest size should be big enough I think.


I’m 5’8", I would say you are way too tall. I.d have to stand on a step or curb to talk to you! It hurts my neck looking up that far. :smiley:

Oh I just read your post… looks like George addressed your problem already.

“If 71 inches or above, order a 400-mm seat post”

my friend is 6’3, and rides a shorter seat than me on his kris holm trials, you dont need a taller seet, im about 6’0 and have it down low, so dont worry bout it

I’m 6’5" and currently using a cut 350mm.
I am not sure how much it was cut, but it is just long enough for MUni. However, I would recommend an uncut 350/400mm depending on the frame.

“chainless giraffe”

For MUni, you probably won’t want the seat too high.

For street distance riding, I have my seat ll the way up.

It’s not so much your height, it’s your inseam. Mine is 35".

U-Turn told me to measure from the pedal top to the seat top, and I think the distance was like 43-45" (because you add for the foot–I ride on the ball of my foot and ankle which extends beyond your pants). People call my uni a “chainless giraffe.”

But ultimately, try it at different levels to see what you are comfortable with.

Never too big!!

I have a co-worker that has been learning to ride. He’s 6’7" tall and over 400lbs. Of course he has been using the club’s KH Muni to learn, but there havn’t been any problems becaue of his gigantic size.

You can get 500mm seatposts!


Man, I am like 6’5’’ and I ride. I sorta suck but I have a wicked sweet time at all the events. I have a 26inch pashley for muni, and its pretty good. Anywho, tall people rock:
Conan o brien is 6’4’’
Jim carrey is 6’2’’ webmaster is 6’5’’ (man, is he rad or what?)