Help Idling

Im trying to idle but everytime i fall to the side and i try to keep the uni under me. Could anyone give me tips on how they learned?

i just practiced next to a wall. if you keep falling to one side lean the other way. kbye

remember that you dont have to go straight back and foreward all the time when starting off, if you feel yourself falling to one side twist the uni with you so you sort of turn in the idle. after a while you will get it down without having to correct by twisting. that is from my experience anywho.


i’d agree with that + more practice.

When I was learning I did these;

  1. Ride forward, pause, then continue riding forward. When I was comfortable with that…

  2. Ride forward, pause, pedal back a little, then ride forward.

  3. Ride forward, pause, pedal back, pedal forward, pedal back. Trying to add an extra idle each time.

I should note that I learned to idle and ride backwards around the same time. They compliment each other.

learn backwards first.

well if you can mount the uni while rotating backwards abit (the easiest mount in my opinion)

then just do the same but while riding.

It helps to ride backwards, well not really, i think it helps to be able to go backwards from going forward. Thats the real idling skill. THe balance is just gained with practice.

k thanks im gonna go try that stuff soem more

I found this method very helpful also.
One very important thing CHECK YOUR TIRE PRESSURE! Its a decent bit harder to do it with a lower (trials type) pressure. I found it helped alot to learn with a firmer tire.

I couldn’t have said it better. I think perserverance is also a good thing to have when learning this. Also happy new year my friend. :smiley: :smiley:

Ride fowards more so your general uni balence is better :wink:

im trying to idle to
lol i might just try hoping … some people say its easier!
lol im gonna use all these helpful tips! tnks

Hoping is easy, hopping is a bit harder :smiley:

Finaly got it then?