Help (idleing

Hi, I am sure i’m not the first newbie to say this but I’m having trouble idleing (how far should your peddles go from side to side).

Any suggestains would be most greatly apreciated


Oh, that’s a, sort of, easy one. Just go from bigger(about half-turns each idle) and smaller(so tiny ((the person who says whether you pass the level(s) officially or not, I forgot the name, let’s just call it instructor)) thinks you’re doing a standstill, then takes a high-powered microscope and examines your wheels bacteria, but only sees a slight idle in there. :astonished: so maybe not THAT exagerated, just between 5 and 7 on the clock. :roll_eyes: ) and after that…and in between…you know the deal!(pratice, practice, practice) Good luck! :slight_smile:

Hey thanks:)