Help ID frame? No one has a hypothesis even?! :)

Anyone have any insight into what this frame is? Maybe the powdercoating covered up identifying marks…


Do you have any other information? Like,

  • What year did you come across it?
  • Did you paint it?
  • Did you modify anything on it? For example, the cranks?
  • Does the seat post clamp have any identification numbers or anything?
  • What seat is that?

I’m the last person to talk to, but from the bottom of the frame it doesn’t look like a modern Nimbus to me. Thats really all I can add.

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Thanks Ryan!
Yeah, it seems like a unique enough frame that someone would see it and be like, “Oh! I have that! It’s a ______!” But maybe not…

I’ve had it about 10 years. I did powdercoat the frame and cranks.

I think the seat is a Torker LX with a Holm seat cover.
Seat clamp is Profile Racing 1.125

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It’s an interesting design, the hub logo indicates its an MTB hub, Solid aluminum by the looks of it?
I tried looking through some internet images for one like it and came up with nothing. It seems much older than 10 years old to me. For some reason the bottom of the crank arms design screams old school to me. There are a lot of people here, hopefully someone will ID it

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Well, it’s a Profile Poznanter hub, with Profile cranks. Pretty high end at the time. You can search the forum for “Poznanter” and find more info.

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Yeah, Profile hubs were always real high end in the bmx world… thanks!

Thanks! I will!

Yes, I’d say closer to at least 20 years old. It has the same bearing retainer as my Dirt Uni.

Just out of curiosity: whtat’s the third hole in the crank for that seems to have a threat?

Profile cranks were made for bicycles and the third hole is where the chain sprocket attached to the crank.

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Looks like you have similar crank arms and even the hub. There clearly different but I’m thinking X number of years apart.

yeah but there’s that weird tapered weld bead(?) on the inside of the bearing retainers on JimT’s that mine definitely doesn’t have…

Any chance it could be custom and just old?

Yeah…it’s just a little weird cuz that Poznanter hub and crank setup is/was SOOOO coveted in a way that it seems like the frame would’ve been something high end as well but of course a nice custom frame would fit the bill…

So as someone newer to the sport (2 years), what makes the hub high end? Is it a freehweel hub or something?

In the BMX world, “normal” stuff versus Profile stuff was like the difference between a store bike and a Klein or a Cannondale or something. Essentially the workmanship and materials and reputation of being real strong, CNC’d aluminum hub, that kinda stuff.

Ah okay, and did they make a uni hub or something?

At a time before ISIS hubs when most hubs were cottered or moving into cotterless (square tapered) and were prone to breaking in unicycle use the splined profile hub was/is supper strong. They were guaranteed against failure for life.

The disadvantage of profile hubs and cranks is the higher cost and the lack of crank lengths that work well on unicycles. Even today it is nearly impossible to find a profile crank less then 160mm. On my Dirt Uni I cut my 170mm profile cranks down to 125mm and welded then back together.

I get that part, but was profile making a uni specific hub at the time or was this like the drift trike hubs where people just used something comparable that was made for a different product?

Yes they made a unicycle hub. As here.

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