Help -- I need to Waste Money

I have a Torker LX, rarely used, and Nimbus 26", used almost daily for muni.

Do I get:

[ ] 29" for muni. Why? Speed? What about uphill?
[ ] 36" Why? Cause it’s cool? Off-road? Rarely do street. Off-road? Really?
[ ] 20" for trials? For pete’s sake – I’m 50.
[ ] An iPad
[ ] A Kindle
[ ] A lobotomy

If you really have a hankering to try another wheel size I’d go for the 36er. It would be fun on fireroads. Otherwise I might sell the Nimbus and get a KH26, not because there’s anything wrong with the Nimbus but the KH will be nicer and will dispose of the extra cash.

The 36" and 20" wouldn’t be good for muni.

The iPad and kindle will both make your crotch pretty sore. And neither has ISIS cranks.

The lobotomy will take away all fear, but all balance as well. Not worth it.

Since you ride mostly muni, I think the 29" is the best choice.

Humm, I do like the 29" idea. And with gears, I could try to keep up with the mtn. bikers. But that’s more money than I was planning to waste!

Get the 29er

29ers keep up with bikes nicely, but I really like to lead a MTB rider on packed out tight dirt single track.

Aggressive true Muni riding is probably more impressive skillset, but sacrificing just a little mobility and Larger Gaps & bouldering, the speed and distances traveled on a 29er well outweigh for me. Get the 29er, Very capable off road machine.

You already have a 26, I would recommend the 36er as that will feel completely different and add a necessary wheel size to your collection.

iPad…definitely not. We have a few at work and I would much rather have my ipod touch than an ipad any day.


36" is really intriguing, but what can you really do with it? I value life too much to ride on roads. Sure, i could ride on bike paths, but seems somewhat boring. Dual-track fire trails I guess, but most fire trails I know of just aren’t all that long. too me a 36" seems ideal for a many miles long ride – just not sure where one does that other than road.

Lots of examples of that here, like riding through the Himalayas. Around here there are some great mountain bike trails that are just too boring on a full-blown MUni. 29" is good for a few, but a 36" really makes them interesting.

But I’d recommend skipping the Kindle. The iPad can probably do whatever the Kindle can. Save that money to waste on another unicycle. :slight_smile:

What can be done with a 36-er???
I don’t think we’ve seen the extent of what can be done on any uni…
36-er are fun although If I were you, I’d wait an get a Triton titanium 36-er frame with a disk mount and build up a Nightrider 36" wheel, put a 29" schwalbe tube on it and go for some XC rides :smiley:

If a 36er doesn’t seem interesting enough, and you’re looking to spend money anyhow, how about getting a custom-made 36er giraffe? Might even make road riding interesting. :slight_smile:

Or, if you just don’t want to go to a really big wheel, get a KH29. I love mine, I just didn’t originally suggest it because it’s not that much different than your current 26.

Off topic, but giraffe makes me think of all those off color comments. You all know – you’ve heard them. “Where’s your other wheel.” “Are you going to join the circus.”

Ya know – I never really though about unicycle circus performers prior to unicycling myself, but now…I am in awe. Juggling…on a giraffe…while idling or riding backwards (both of which I have yet to master). Sick…

I road my two-wheeler today for the first time this year. With all due respect to our two wheeling compatriots, it just doesn’t compare…on so many levels…

Ok, so I’m thinking a 29 would be very practical. But I’ve never been one to be practical. I tend to go for the outrageous – that mean 36. Fugetabout the giraffe!

Which 36?
Build your own al la Brian Olney’s post (Building a new coker for under $300. )
Coker Big One?

Waste money didn’t mean I have a huge hole to burn! I like the DiY budget option in these lean times… Thoughts?

did you consider getting a schlumpf hub for the 26? you would save a lot (of storage space) and still get to spend a lot :slight_smile:


The only drawback is not getting it for a long time after it’s ordered.

You have an excellent size uni. The only things that will really be a lot different are, like others have said, the 36er or the Schlumpf. Which is $600 for a 36er now, or $2000 for a hub and new uni whenever it comes (months).

Hey Cliff: I have a 36er that I custom built that you can try out. I’m contemplating selling it also.