help! i need a new unicycle!

what size wheel and kind of unicycle is right for me? i like to learn new tricks and stuff like that but i also like to ride and go fast places. should i get two kinds of unicycles or is there a kind that i can do both on? my old one is falling apart. i dont want it to be to expensive under $300 maybe. any advice and help would be greatly appreciated! (i am 11 years old) thanks

Sounds like you want a 20" and a 29er (or 36, if you’re tall enough).

You wouldn’t get decent examples of both for your budget (unless you got lucky second-hand) so probably best to get one now and the other later when you’ve got more money.

Or you could get a 24" and use it for everything, but it wouldn’t be so good for either.


You’re gonna go faster on larger wheel sizes.

You’re going to do more tricks/“extreme” stuff the smaller the wheel (As long as it isn’t under 20")

Basically like this.

20"- Street, trials, freestyle, flatland, maybe a little muni
24"- Little street, most used muni size
29"- Muni, cross country, touring (“fast riding”)
36"- touring

Of course there’s exceptions for that but that’s the gist of it. If you’re looking more into riding street and such, I’d say get a 20", and if you want to go fast, stick to a bike, but if you must, get a 29" (36" would probably be to tall for you if you’re 11).

The best budget street unicycle is a Nimbus ISIS Trials w/ Kris Holm Moments.

ok thanks! you guys were a great help!

Your weight is more important than your age

I have a friend who was 200 lbs when he was 12. Assuming you are half that, and might be < 100 lbs for a few years, I strongly suggest the Torker lx series.

These have a less expensive (than the ISIS splined) square axle-crank connection. Although less strong, it has an excellent track record for lighter riders, and is half the cost.

As they ^ wrote, you can’t have both “small and tricky” and “big and fast” , in the same uni. That is why they make lx 24’s. Reasonably fast, and still maneuverable, they are maybe the best all around for a light rider on a budget.

ok. i am about between 75 and 80 pounds and a girl (if that makes sense or helps at all)