Help! Hopping!

hi, i am new, and i can only hop about 1-2 inches, so does anyone know how i can hop higher?
like, i cant bend down to spring up like jumping from the ground, so how do youbend your knees low enough?

a good way to hop higher is to take the seat out when you’re hopping. when you jump, you pull the seat as high as u can. that’s wat i do and i can jump almost 2ft high. another way to boost your height is to keep good tire preasure.

Don’t think of hopping like a pogo stick, think of compressing the tire and using it as a spring to throw yourself in the air… worked for me!
Otherwise: practice, practice, practice.

ok thx, i’ll try that but i’m still open to any other tips ppl might have

By the sounds of it you are quite new. Althoguht this is good advice^^ save it for later. Every beginer has this problem. Watch some trials vids and watch the form. You have to do it all as one motion. When I started I had this problem and I overcame it by noticing I was starting from a standing position. Start low then begin your hop.