Help Hopping

I need some pointers on hopping i can ride stop and hop twice sometimes more does anyone have any pointers on jumping up curbs

The way i learned is by holding onto the wall and hopping. Once you get used to that try hopping around instead of riding - try to bounce as high as you can and remember to keep your legs straight when you land. once your happy with that just try bouncing up the curb. once you have that, try to ride up, stop, and jump once to get up the curb. once you got the curb try to jump onto different things - small ledges, fallen trees ect.

Good luck!

thanks ill go try now

Tunkie hehe. Your name is so awsome. I asume you can static hop so it just rolling hops you have trouble with. Do you have your timing good?

actually i have no idea what any of that means

a static hop is a stand-still hop, and a rolling hop is a moving hop

ok thx so static is u stay in one place and hop a rolling u like hop to a spot or something like that

i should have been more clear. A rolling hop is when you jump while in motion. A static hop is a hop from a stand-still.<- some very good examples (go to trials section, at the bottom there are vids)

ok got it i pretty much have static hops down

Make shure you flex on you heels;)

ok thanks guys i got it now im hopping up stairs and curbs thanks

don’t land w/ your legs straight, that will mess w/ your knees and ankles
land w/ them slightly bent and absorb the shock.

this really helps some people: jump as HIGH as you possibly can like you would off the ground… but pull just hard enough on the uni to keep it under you.

a little help…

Hi, i am new to unicycling, and i have only been doing it for about 4 days, and i am alright at unicycling. I rode 50 metres on my second day of unicycling, and i am almost a lvl 2 unicycler. I wanted to kno how to hop, because i can hop like 8 cm, but i dont know how you bend down low enough to jump up high enough. If anyone could help me sort out this problem that would be good. I can ride up and do some hops, but they arnt very high, so i wanna know how to hop higher :thinking:

Well, it just takes practice. If you look at the trials vids, you see that they always lift the wheel up and tuck it under them. So practice trying to touch your bum with the wheel when you jump, then just apply what you learned there to jump onto higher things.

Oh, and learn to jump SIF (seat in front) that always helps.