Help Hoping

Can someone please give me advice on hoping…i can ride reasonably ok (So my frinds say) and i want to learn to hop. any advice would be appreciated…



MY bad i cant believe that i didnt remember that one when i read it…im dumb… so thnx

1) This may help.

2) and this. :smiley:

3) You can also do a bunny hop on a unicycle. In fact, it is probably easier to do on a unicycle then on a bicycle.

To do a bunny hop on a unicycle, simply grab hold of the seat with one hand, time things so that the pedals are in a horizontal position when you jump, then leap upwards while pressing down on the pedals with your feet

Bunny hopping can be a very useful (and fun) thing to do, whether you are doing some mountain unicycling or just riding around town.

:smiley: Hoped this helped somewhat my fellow Aussie unicyclist friend. :smiley:

thanks aye that will help to the days…I love bunnyhoping on my bmx and i didnt think of it possable to do it the same way ona uni…going out now to try get some more practice in before it gets to late…thanks once again


If you need more help, don’t hesitate to ask me or any of the kind and friendly people of this forum…

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Your new and good friend

Think pogo stick.

Once you can can hop around forever, work on jump up curbs, and down curbs, and learn rolling hops. Then work on making your hops smooth. Instead of hopping 10 times before you jump up a curb, make it 5. Then make it 2 times, then get to the point where you get to the curb, and just rolling hop it, or just stop, and hop, and keep riding.

You can also work getting two stairs at a time, or gaping further out, and crank/pedal grabs.

If you hope really hard, it might help. Oh wait! You meant hopping!


(sorry, I couldn’t resist myself…)

To hop or to Hope

lol boy am i hoping to learn to hop…no problems…it nothing compared to what get yelled out of car windows is it…


Hoping!? Hoping!? If you need help hoping there’s something wrong…

You have to have hope to learn hoping.

But, to learn to HOP better, just hop up and down as many times as you can. Everytime you fall, get back on and do more.

I started doing about 20 in a row, then got all the way up to about 100 hops. By that time I had them down.