Help!! gravity vs torker + extra.

Hi, I am new to all these, please help me to decide which one should I get:

I been reading this site and more for a few days and still can not make up my mind…

please help.



What do you want to do? I would avoid both of those just because of the saddles. Torker makes a saddle with a handle that is much better.

If you can, go for at least the black Torker LX. Everything about it is better than the silver CX.

Although if money is an issue, I would also recomend the Torker over the Gravity.

torker…these are very sturdy unis and a good place to start if you dont wanna have to buy a new one for a while

As Forrest said, I recommend atleast going with the Torker LX, the next step up from that torker. The LX is a nice light and sturdy unicycle, I learned on it and It’s even holding up fairly well as I progress in muni.

The Torker is the way to go. Ive been learning on a LX and it’s holding up really nice!
Also the Torker’s forks are flat so you can use it for one footed riding, the Gravity’s forks are not.
Torker is a great company that also makes Redline

none of those. Like everyone else said… get the LX.

Make that one more vote for the Torker LX. The CX is what I learned on, but it’s about useless after you learn. The LX is much more functional with a much better saddle and stronger wheelset.

I once rode my 24 inch LX 40 miles in a day. :smiley:

on 150’s?

I just put 150’s on my LX 26er, and I have a pair of 127’s ready and waiting for when I get the hang of the 150’s.
The 26er comes with 170’s…lame!

Thank you! Guys!

I ordered a 2006 Torker LX 24.

this indeed is a great community!

you rode 40 miles in a day on an LX?! you must’ve had quite a grundy bruise

I ordered a CX today, and my parents still think it’s a crapload of money to spend on half a bike (their words, not mine). It’s sort of discouraging…they’re not really supportive at all.

half a bike!!??!!?

It takes a real man to ride on one wheel!!

That’s what I keep trying to tell them.

Was it a mistake on my part to go for the cost-efficient uni over the more durable one?


Especially when your learning! The LX is perfect for beginners like you and me…they are durable but not expensive.

I know but the thing is, it’s about ~$20 more than the CX I bought…and they already think the $100 or so I paid for the CX is waaaay too much to be spending on a unicycle, because again, they think it’s a waste of money. I was kind of caught in a bind, so I just got the CX. Is the CX really all that bad?

No, not too bad. It’s OK to learn on. However, as you progress, you will probably have to buy another or replace some components to have a “pro”-er uni.