Help get unicycling into the South by Southwest Technology Conference

Hey unicyclists,
Help get unicycling into the globally influential 2018 South by Southwest Technology Conference. The Austin Unicycle School has a unicycle-themed presentation proposed for SXSW 2018. This presentation would be very beneficial to unicycling’s visibility. We need your votes.

The presentation is about the benefits of unicycling for information technology workers. We plan on presenting and having unicycles on site for people to try. Our presenters are the owner of Austin Unicycle School [me] and a global thought leader in workplace design.

Community voting is a big part of the selection process.
The deadline for voting is this Friday, August 25.

Go to and vote.

Thank you!

I didn’t know there is a unicycling school in Austin! I’m in San Antonio, please tell me more.

BTW: I totally agree unicycling is great for technology workers, such as myself. If there is any way I can help promote this endeavor please let me know.

And I voted! I recognize you, Reid, from Moab, or NAUCCs, or both! Also interested to learn more about the school. Large teaching staff? I’m guessing about as many teachers as wheels on a unicycle. :slight_smile:

Does it keep you busy? Any threat to your day job? It would be nice to figure out a unicycle education business that is actually viable and not just a hobby thing…