Help gaining confidence.

I want to do uni spins and jump mounts and the like. I know I will get hurt and accept, I just can’t get the confidence to leap up and do it.

Tiny baby steps. You have to work up to everything.

For unispins, if all you can do is jump 1mm off the pedals, then start with that. Practice your 1mm no footer until you’re not completely tense and freaked out about it anymore. Then try to jump slightly higher. You push your comfort zone a little bit at a time.

I used to get all sweaty and nervous about jump mounts or any trick landed seat in. It helps to try the trick seat out until you are confident about landing on the pedals. Also it may sound weird, but I think it helps to miss a few times. It doesn’t hurt as bad as you think it will, and (most of the time :D) you can react fast enough that you don’t land completely on the most tender parts.

Such a simple idea, I never thought of that. I’ve been turned off riding narrow objects from falling off and hitting my balls a few too many times. Also what sort of things would be suitable for 24" muni 150mm cranks. I get that it wont work as well but I broke my 20" (it was only a learners and had a long life until I started doing more hardcore stuff.) Would I be able to learn a crankflip or should I try something else?

You can do both crankflips and unispins on a 24, it’s not that much bigger than a 20.

Like aarons said “baby steps” is key. If confidence is your problem, maybe take a step back and work on easier things to boost it. For unispins, the progression is pretty basic. no footer and jump mount, 180 jump mount, then 180 unispin.

jump mount is one of those things that seems scary, but once you do it, you realize it’s totally easy. If your worried about falling, do it on a lawn or at a playground with wood chips on the ground, get some leg protection and just go for it, you won’t hurt yourself.

For the no footer, I was having problems with confidence too, then I tried it while hanging onto something and realized I could jump way high while holding a wall or a branch… Did it a bunch of times with hanging on, then did it without hanging onto something and it was waaaaay easier. It’s all about finding the balance point, once you find it it’s much easier.

I can’t do crankflips but there are some good vids on how to do them. It’s a hard sport, there are a bunch of REALLY talented riders here who make it look too easy. You just have to put in some time and you’ll get it.

start small and practice often, when you get frustrated just ride and do easy stuff and don’t sweat it.

I can do none of the above, but I have been watching these video’s and they walk you thru the process. For now I am just a little concerned that I have the wrong unicycle(Nimbus, Oregon) for these tricks.