Help - frame 'un-true' on delivery - advice plz

Heres s pic…

I got better pix, but have to charge camera batteries. :frowning:

I have more problems also… But need immediate advice.

I cant ride it, cause the seat post is too long.
(I don’t want to cut it down if I need to send the whole thing back)

So, looks to me that this could be a "feeling’ or a ‘physics’ problem.

  1. Will I notice a different ‘feel’ with this frame.
  2. Is it’s structure comprimized…? (abnormal stress on welds during hard knocks)


doh …

My seatpost was to long when I got my uni too, I had to cut it off with a dremel. if you don’t got a dremel, use a hacksaw, you can buy one for cheap as hell at any hardwear store, and if your that lazy, see if the hardwear store will just hack a few inches off for ya. This is going to sound kinda rude, but its not really rocket science, if seat post is to long, shorten it. They make them long for the tallest of people to ride, better to try and shorten it then lenghen it, ne?

My Q is’nt about the seat post.
You didnt read my post clearly.

My immediate reaction when I saw the frame was welded crooked was …

F*** !!!

I have already called the seller about another problem.
I didn’t think to stand the frame on the floor and LOOK AT IT, before I assembled it.
(so I have to call again tommorrow)

Take the frame off and lay it next to or on a yard stick. That will make it easier to see if the neck is in alignment with the fork legs.

I’m not sure how the bearings fit on the DX hub. On most splined hubs the bearings are positioned with spacers. Make sure the spacers are the same on both sides of the hub. Make sure the cranks are squeezing the spacers so the bearings are held in place snugly without being able to slide on the axle.

Make sure the frame is properly fitted and centered on the bearings.

True, first make sure the frame is not out of whack. Something might have been a little off in the assembly, or something not being fully seated to line the wheel up.

Aside from that, if your seat post is too long, yes you cut it.

I’m making sure I have read the original post. Did you buy this unicycle used (abnormal stress on welds during hard knocks)?

no lies :frowning:

This is a new uni.

I’d send it back. You should contact the seller to see if you can just swap the frame, that way it won’t matter if you cut the post.

haha loser

Is that a 20" dx?my 20’’ dx has the same problem(only not quite as bad)i think,I wasnt sure what it is.

Anyway,on mine,i cant tell the frame is crooked by looking at it like yours,but the frame is crooked from the bearings/wheel. and,when i put it on and spin the wheel,it makes a grinding noise every time it gets to a certain spot on the wheel.the spot is not always in the same place.upon further inspection,i discovered that when it made the grinding noise,it was grinding down a spot on the outer hub,right inside the theres a line halfway around it were the paint is ground off,showing bare metel.(its like a deep scratch)However,i can make it stop by not tightening the bearing holders as much and pushing them to the side.Its weird because i put the wrench in the hole,put the s l i g h t e s t pressure on it,and it pops,then makes the grinding thing again.a little presure the other way,it pops,then its fine.

Im very confused.

I lined this yardstick with the post.

It’s clearly not running down center.

{Special Mesage for DK} …

Good thing your hiding behind the internet.
(need I say more …?)

You can prolly bend/twist that to make it better.

The “weird” feeling is prolly not because of the frame. I think in this instance as long as the seat is straight (with the wheel, not with the center of the frame) then it should ride normal-like. The strange feeling is probably caused by the newness of the unicycle. I closed the page, but is your new uni a 24? You normally ride a 20 (I think). That would cause strangefeelingness. Also, just the other differences even if it is the same size wheel (tire, seat, weight etc). Plus you said the post is too long. That will make the uni feel super odd. Like when I ride a friends uni after I have been riding mine a lot it feels super odd. The uni will often be on like a 20 degree angle away from verticle the whole time I’m riding with me constantly trying to correct it.

:roll_eyes: wow,what a ramble.

oh yeah,i got mine on christmas.I do a lot of trials stuff on it,but its not as bad as yours.

Here’s a look at the bearing holder.
There were no spacers.
The bottom holder acts as a ‘basket’.
It could fit a bit snugger on the bearing, but I dont think thats an issue.
Also, if you inspect my photo well, you will see 'part of 'my original complaint to the seller.

The two pictures with the ruler show the frame is not straight. That can easily cause the unicycle to feel weird while riding. Contact the seller and find out about getting a replacement frame. You don’t want a frame that is out of alignment like that.

The nick on the rim? What did the seller tell you he would do?

He’s going to send a new wheel/crank set.
(thats not the only ‘nick’ … lots of scratches also… painted parts are ‘package rubbed’ … some paint completely rubbed off of frame)
But, now, I think, I’m going to ask if he will take it all back.

What kind of seller was this? I purchased my dx 24 on ebay and had no issues with the frame but DID have to recenter my wheel on the hub right out of the box. ie. tighten all spokes on one side, loosen opposite. I wonder if the issue is with torker production quality control rather than resale carelessness. I am curious though. So far I couldn’t be happier with my DX, and love that it cost a fraction of what another splined cranked uni would have cost me.

I would like to find out more though simply because until now I’ve had no reason not to recommend these uni’s to everyone. Great price, great uni, whats more to want. Keep posting, and let us know what you work out with the seller.

Also, you might try firing off an email to Torker themselves, and find out about this. Although dinged up, you might be able to tell if the frame was built that way or bent in transit. Go to if you think it may have been built that way, and ask them about it. I would especially do that if your seller tugs you around at all. Torker I’m sure will be wanting to take care of their customers on an issue like this.


The seller has agreed to ship another.
I also asked for them to remove the ‘uni stand’ before shipping.
(no packaging material in shipping box to keep parts from getting damaged)

I expect another week before delivery, since the seller needed a few days before sending. (not in stock I bet)

In all, the seller complied with my requests.
I made an agreement not to ‘flame’, if everything works out OK.

____ in retrospect ____

I’ve never had ‘good luck’ ordering over the interent.
But, most of my suppliers have always fixed problems.
(sometimes at my expense for shipping)

Wish me luck with my replacement.

(except for DK, I know he’s under a rock somewhere secretly wishing me bad ‘uni-luck’ )