Help for Noobs!

hey guys, my bro made me this account so we don’t have to share any more.
thanks jeff!
I don’t know if I can afford a Nimbus… Maybe I can convince my parents to loan me some dough, or heck, Maybe my brother!
Thanks for all the great help!

I see that the club unicycles have nimbus II frames, so why are the nimbus’s sooo much more expensive?

The frames aren’t the same, just similar basic design.

Everything is better on the Nimbus’s. W/ the N II, there’s a more comfortable saddle, ISIS hub and cranks, stronger frame w/ more tire clearance, and a double wall rim, and that’s their “cheap” uni :roll_eyes:

Borrow the money or wait around for something used.

In terms of size, it really depends on what you want to ride.

I replaced my mountain bike with unicycles, so all of mine are 26/29", but if I were into street and trials, I’d have a 20/24".

If you don’t already know hoe to ride, then it’s even harder to judge since the majority of people who try uni will not become unicyclists; it’s a relaly hard skill set to learn.

You could always start with the cheapest uni you can find or better yet you could borrow a uni…

There are quite often good deals on craigslist. For example, I picked up a nimbusII 24" in almost new condition for $60. As far as cheap new unicycles go, I’ve had the best luck with the sun brand. You can find a sun flat top for $100. My son learned on one of these and it has taken a serious beating with no issues.