help for newb: Torker 26 or Sun 28

Hi all,
Can anyone help me choose the best learning path to get into distance unicycling? I’d like to spend a hundred bucks or so now (cause that’s all I’ve got), and then spend what it would take later for a better road uni (assuming I haven’t by then spent all my money on pins and rods and stuff for my bones).
I guess the questions are:
For the 28 inch: how likely are the Suns to fall apart, and would getting going on that make it any easier to switch to a Coker later?
For the 26 inch: Would the Torker 26 be worth keeping around for riding off-road trails later? and would riding a 26 inch for 3 miles in the morning tire me out to the point that I’d need a nap once I got to work?

Thanks for any help you can offer!

I have no experience with either of these unicycles but my advice would be to get the 26" Torker. Torker is a good learner uni and should hold up. Also I’ve never seen 28" tires (albeit i’ve never really looked) so it may be hard getting replacements.

Are you just learning? Most of us learned on 20 or 24 inch wheels. 26 and 28 are a little large for learning because it’s farther to fall and greater speeds yield harder impacts.

I have not ridden either model, but there really isn’t much difference between the two wheel sizes. It has more to do with what tire you put on it and how long the cranks are. I started on a Torker LX 24, so I guess I would choose the Torker.

You could do some light offroad on the Torker. Neither would necessarily make it easier to transition to a Coker.

Initially, 3 miles on any unicycle will tire you out. Once your technique is good though, 3 miles should be fine on either of those unicycles.

Get the Torker 24lx instead of the 26
The Torker 26 comes with 170 cranks which are to long for it

The torker LX quality is higher than the sun, so I’d recommend it of the two. Someone I ride with learned on a 26, although he was a bit wild on it for some time–it took him a bit longer to gain control than I suspect it would have taken if he were on a 20".

Wow, thanks for some quick replies. I actually learned on a 20" about 15 years ago, but haven’t ridden in 10-12 years. I have no idea if my body remembers how, but I’m not too worried about getting back up. Worst case, I can get this old 20" repaired and relearn from the start.

I’m on the “new baby in the house” budget, though, so I need the most direct path to the goal of riding to work.

It sounds like the difference between a 24 inch wheel and a 29 inch wheel is a quick walk versus a fast run?