Help for an old newbie

Hi everybody

I’ve bought a 20" unicycle, without any information about sizes.
I’m 477 inch tall, and my weight is around 40 lb.

I’m just learning to stand up, but my tire is a little bit flat… :roll_eyes:
To resolve i’m obliged to change my uni, with a 24"?

Can i mount a fat tire, instead of mine, until i’ll learn to use it?
My actual tire is a 20 X 1,75 inch; a 20 X 1,95 or 2,1 it can be better?

Thanks, and sorry for my bad english :slight_smile:

40lbs? i assume you mean 140lbs. but yeah you can mount a 21. or 2.2 tire on your current rim and as for learning to ride click the link in my sig line and read the posts

Ehehe…yes it’s 140 lbs.
I’m not so thin.:smiley:

Thanks for answer, and for your precious guide :wink:

hope it helps

Welcome by the way :smiley: There are lots of friendly people on here. I’m sure you will get lots of warm welcomes and tips from many many more people.

Your friendly welcome goes very well with your evil clown avatar haha

Welcome to the forums:)

I say you switch to a beefyer tire like a trials tire or a high PSI free-style tire… or even a 24" like you said everyler… but make sure you get something with a tire higher then 2.1" wide… well that’s what I think…