Help for a short fattie

Hi guys a I am new to unicycling I have a cheap 20" bought from eBay. It has an 80kg limit and with cloths and gear on I’ll be close to that. I find my seat pvits slightly and my tire isn’t to happy with all that weight on it. Any suggestions for a more stable and weight friendly unit. Was thinking a 24inch might spread the load a bit better and a better brand might have a better seat clamp? Any suggestions?

80kg isn’t big at all. : )

Usually those ebay cycles are pretty cheap. They will get you by for learning though. You may need to figure out a way to get the clamp tighter. I would guess they’re using a 22.2 seatpost, and you may be able to find a better seatpost clamp, but if you can manage it for now, money is best saved for something a little more substantial. A little trick is to scuff up the seatpost a little where the clamp is to give it a bit more friction to avoid slipping. If you already have a knurled seatpost though, that’s about the best you can do without upgrading the clamp itself.

Choosing a new wheel very much depends on your budget. is a good place to start, and they really don’t sell anything that wouldn’t support that weight for normal riding. The club line is great as a beginner wheel, and if you go up to the nimbus II, you get a very beefy unicycle that will last many years of abuse.

There are lots of options, so I would start there and see what you find in your price range.

As far as the size goes, if you’re still new, a 20 or 24 both work great. A 20" will be slower and put you a little closer to the ground, which some people like for learning. A 24" is good for cruising around, but isn’t as versatile for more difficult tricks if you choose to really get into the sport. Really either should be fine.

You may also want to check out the trading post here and put up a wanted ad if you can’t find something on : ) welcome to the forums!

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Usually, if you inflate your tire properly (2 to 3 bars), it should he good to ride around in the street. To go faster, have something stronger or just nicer, a new one can meet any of this.

To buy, usually online will be easier (try that centralize several countries). If you give us your location, maybe somebody can suggest another site. Local adds can be a good source for unis depending on how popular it is where you are.

For prices, the most affordable but strong unicycles are the UDC and Qu-ax brands. Try to avoid any club or learner as they are for beginners only. Any other brand will do too (Kris Holm, QX series by Qu-ax, Oracle by UDC, Mad4One…) but they are more expensive.

Good luck with your search and keep having fun riding :slight_smile:

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As you said, you’re new to unicycling. So even if your ultimate goal is to jump down some stairs, at the moment you’re probably still learning to uni in a straight line without falling.
Your uni is perfect for that. Once you master the riding, you’ll have the pleasure to graduate to a better uni!

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  • 1 all the above :slight_smile:

My first unicycle had a seat that would pivot every time a dropped it so I attached my Allen key to the seat. You do need a unicycle that is ‘‘strong and stable’’

If you live anywhere near me you are welcome to try out my 24”and 26” unicycles.


Thanks guys

You have all helped so much. And you are correct straight lines are hard :slight_smile: I think I’ll get a new seat clamp as it’s already a roughed up post and won’t go any tighter. As for the tire what is 2-3 bar as PSI sorry I’m in Australia and metric system is all I know. If I break the rim with my weight well a better excuse to upgrade. For now I’ll put in more hours but the nimbus ll does look great. :smiley:

80kg is hardly a fatty. For helitack we use 250 lbs (~115 kg) as our “average” fight-weight.

Unicycles with an 80kg limit are built as “children’s toys” rather than sports equipment. There are some cheep things you can do to help make the unicycle stronger, such as ramming a dowel up the seatpost to prevent it from bending/crimping/colapsing, roughing it up where you clamp, and replacing the flimsy quick release skewer with a standard bolt and nut. The other major thing is to buy a spoke wrench and learn to properly tension and true the wheel, chances are it’s a bit loose.

If you want to be happy with your purchase in the future I would go for a Club Freestyle at minimum, and know that there is a nice bump in strength and quality when you go up to the Nimbus II level of unicycles.

Oh and bar is metric :stuck_out_tongue:

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I bought a 24" Club from, you can’t go wrong really, it is pretty solid and I have dropped mine loads of times without any problems! (Well, not to the unicycle anyway! : )


So I got a bolt for the seatpost the guy at the cycle shop fit it for me. And then laughed as I rode out with a smile.
The wheel still isn’t too happy with my weight but the whole set up is a lot happier now without the dangerous seat wabble.
Going to start a piggy bank and when I can ride a full 400m lap at the running track (and have money) I’m going to get a nimbus ll.
My question is can. I mod a brake system into it in the future if needed and if I got a 24" wheel can I use the same frame and go up to a 26" wheel eventually ?