help for a poor boy

I actually have quite a nice job… but with the start of school, I have no time to work, my torker saddle is breaking my unicycle creaks and clicks, and no money to fix, or buy a new unicycle. Does anybody have extra stuff just lying around that they will never use until it is rusty? will anybody help this poor school boy? thanks

-Jonathan Ware-

same song second verse,

along the path of unicycling that i have traveled i have discovered something about unicycles and how to fix them.


find someone in your ward or nearby that does that kind of stuff for free for poor boys, (like you and me) torker saddles are poo. weld the whole booger together, if you’re really into it, give it some stablizing metal to keep it together longer. (on that note, if the saddle isn’t padded enough get one of those little camping pillows to sit on, for only a couple of bucks it really improves the long distance riding)

for the clicking and whatnot, i am assuming that you have a torker uni and it doesn’t have lollipop bearings. if those are good then your work is cut out for you. you probably have a loose crank, the two ways to fix it is to weld (wink wink) or get new ones. that should fix all of your problems. speaking from expirience. let me know if it works!


Hey, Man: don’t denigrate yourself like this- sell your sister, that’s why she’s there.


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