help for a beginner unicyclist

First of all i am new to this forum and to unicycling in general. i want to get a unicycle but dont know what kind. i am 6ft tall, 160lbs (it think that matters) and want to have a unicycle that will be able to be used to learn to ride and for beginning street/freestyle tricks. i hope that makes sense. oh and im on a limited budget, $200 max.

keep watching ebay for 20" Torker DX’s. If you get lucky you can get one for 225$ and thats with shipping.

Pro’s of Torker DX 20"

  1. Cheapest splined trials uni on market (if found in right places)
  2. Good for basic and intermediate learning.
  3. Short cranks for faster street tricks, nice crank shape for cranks grabs and grinding.
  4. Doesn’t REQUIRE any upgrades, although the seat should eventually be upgraded.


  1. On the heavy side for trials.
  2. Seat not ideal for trials/street
  3. If the cranks break you’ll have to buy expensive replacements, but they most likely won’t.

Do you already have a unicycle of some sort? I remember seeing your thread about getting one. If you’re still among the un-wheeled, you might consider getting a trashy 20 inch freestyle. They’re lighter than a Torker DX and considerably easier to learn on and you can get them used at about 1/3 of the price of a new one. If you decide that uni ain’t your sport, you only have to eat the $70 (new) or $20-25 used. If you buy a DX and get it banged up, you’ll get about 50 percent of your purchase price on the used market; that means you’ll eat about $150.

Welcome to uni. I hope you have a fun ride!