Help finding unicycle brand

Hello, i bought this unicycle but i am having trouble finding what it is, any help would be mich appreciated

Nothing particularily recognizable jumps out about any part of this, so it’s probably just one of the hundreds of generic brands.
Sticker seems to be for a bike store (Hild Radwelt) in Freiburg, Germany, so that’s no help either. If you really care, you can maybe contact them and ask if they know what kind of unicycles they have sold in the past.

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Brand is : Rusty


Bought ? Did you seriously pay money for this pile of rust? It’s not worth replacing anything at all and the cranks are far too long.

It seems to be a cheap part from China with a steel rim

Welcome to the forum , Sadly you have not found a rare relic there. do you have a unicycle that you can ride ?

That thing belongs on the wall of a Cracker Barrel lol.

Does John Foss still post here? If it’s 20th century he probably knows what it is. But maybe it’s not as old as it looks considering the cotterless cranks.

Will this be for riding or displaying?

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Display ive a new one too so dont really care about riding this one

Yes ive a functioning unicycle this one id for display only

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You call it rust i call it petina :joy: