help finding seat-post for old Schwinn Giraffe

I have inherited Keith Cash’s old giraffe unicycle. It’s an old, heavy Schwinn, and there’s no seat post. I received a 22.2 mm seat post from UDC, thinking that would fit, but the 22.2 is TOO BIG! This is not the seat post with the height-adjustment holes, just a clamp. The inside diameter of the frame which holds the post is a hair under 13/16 of an inch, which should be about 20.6375 mm.

Anyone know where to get a seatpost for this baby?

If you’re going for original equipment (no-holes, Schwinn brand), I’d start with The Unicycle Factory (765) 482-2692. If Tommy Miller doesn’t have it, I’ll be surprised. Then you might try Semcycle. I don’t know what size their giraffes used, but the old Semcycles, the Schwinn-like ones, used the same size posts.

I thought they were 7/8" but I guess not? That must’ve been the size of the Miyata and most Asian seat posts back before the “unicycle market” exploded (and started to be measured in mm)…

The post you’re looking for is a 14" Schwinn post without the holes. Works fine with holes, though. That would be a lot easier to find.

Thanks, John. I thought you might know!

So, would the UDC offering of the “holed” post work?

How convenient! And it even has rounded corners on top, making it an improvement over the original. Plus it appears to be chrome, which the Schwinns were not. A steal!

My Giraffe came with a holed post, though it was supposed to have one with no holes. I got one of those later. I guess I still have one somewhere on which I continued the holes all the way to the top, before having it chromed. That’s a pretty one. I wonder where it is…?


If you get this please let me know if it fits right. I’d like to replace the original seat post on my Schwinn giraffe. It’s beat up a little and is not chrome.

Good luck!

Not that it helps you any but I found an old kids bike that I was giong to make a handbar out of, thought that the seatpost was 22.2, turned out it was 22.0 so that size of seat post does exist (in the bike world)