Help file on side mount?

Whoever is doing the help files: care to start one for side mounts?

I have been working on side mounts in my basement for the last couple of weeks.
I am getting pretty good at 4 combinations, left side, leg around front and leg
around back. Also right side, leg around front and leg around back. I can write
up something on what I have learned if that would be a help to start a help file
on the subject.

Also one question. How do you do the “rear mount”?

I have tried this and it doesn’t seem very hard. I keep the seat straight up
in front of me holding on to the front of the seat with my right hand. The
right pedal is down and then just jump up and on. I land with my right foot
first on the downward pedal then only slightly later with my left foot on the
upward pedal. Sit down on the seat as the last step. I always practice my
mounts going directly into an idle because I have limited space. Does this
sound right for a rear mount? The odd thing to me is the leap. Do you take off
with both feet at the same time, kind of a hop, or do you do more of a jump
with one foot leading another?

Thanks for any tips.

Andy Arhelger