Help file on side mount? (fwd)

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> Whoever is doing the help files: care to start one for side mounts?
> I have been working on side mounts in my basement for the last couple of
> weeks. I am getting pretty good at 4 combinations, left side, leg around front
> and leg around back. Also right side, leg around front and leg around back. I
> can write up something on what I have learned if that would be a help to start
> a help file on the subject.

Anyone is welcome to make a help file. I wrote a bunch until I ran out of skills
I can do, although I am working on the one-foot ride one now. Generally people
have posted articles on how to do something, and I liked them enough to make
them into help file. I do some editing, but mostly for format. I like the file
to start with clearly delineated steps the person can follow, but then I follow
it with a freeform notes section. I try to make the files look like they were
written by one person even though I credit everyone, which means that sometimes
I combine fragments of people’s sentences, but I think this makes the file more
coherent. Occasionally I give up and print a bunch of alternative methods, but I
try to avoid this if there is a clearly superior method to pick.
> Also one question. How do you do the “rear mount”?

Here’s my understanding: Stand in front of the unicycle. Hold the seat behind
you. Put one foot on the lower pedal. Step backwards and up onto the unicycle.
For comparison I found this easier than the side mount, but your results may
vary. I don’t know what your mount is called but it sounds interesting. It
sounds like a variation on the reverse jump mount.


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this is just a backwards mount

You were 2 years old when that post was made, 15 years ago!:wink:

Wow, I can see why nobody replied to this before. A lot of people were just starting to hear about the “newfangled internet” back in 1995.