help! fear in the way of uni

okay what is up with this when im on my bak deck i can jump like almost afoot but when i go to jump a step or curb i cant do it i used to be able to do it but not anymore is there anything i can do to make myself do it?

I cant help much because I dont have a fear of doing anything on my uni.

Just dont think so much about it, and go for it!

Just keep trying, lots of people have that problem, if you keep doing it you’ll lose fear of it eventually.

What about 20 feet drops?

I havent done 20 yet, I think my highest is 9-10, and I just go for it.

Two days ago, I was at a school picnic, and of course I brought my unicycle, and there where some bleachers, so my friends wanted me to hop up them, so I start going up, then I reached the top and noticed I could hop Over and off the top of the bleachers. So I lean over and jump off, then rode back to the fornt of the bleachers. I didnt really think about it, I jsut got up there and was like “Hey! I could jump off” so i did.

what if you break a bone then you cant ride for 6 months

It happens =p

Right now I have a cast on my ankle, just an air cast, but I havent been able to ride as hard as I used to, but I can still practice WWing! =p

Without breaking your unicycle?

Nope, most Ive gotten is a few loose spokes, tighten them up, and that’s it, and I rotate my cranks every now and to keep them tight and keep the tire to wearout evenly, and land with a rollout on everything.

Sorry, this kinda got threadjacked lol, but I remember, For about 2 days, I kept getting tensed up while trying to go to rubber from a pedal grab, but when I was with some friends riding around, having lots of fun, the tensing I had before I jumped up to rubber, disappeared, so it I was back doing it like I used to. I’m not sure why for those two days I would tense up, but keep practicing it, have fun when riding, and being with friends help cause they will push you to do better and its funner with friends. Keep at it and you’ll be doing fine!

the only problem is there is nobody who unis in red deer

No friends that are interested in it?

Have you tried riding with an iPod, or some type of music playing? Cause if your pumped while riding you tend to do better and do things that fear would usally hold back.

Also, how are you trying to jump onto the stuff? rolling? static? SIF?

i do static jumps but i realy want to do rolling but i dont know how

Seeing how you doing stati, just think of the curb or step as a stick or something, if you can jump about a foot on the deck, then you can hop about 2-3inched onto the curbs or steps. maybe you just not jumping far enough to the side, with more practice, it will come to you.

On rolling, just remember to not jump at any pedal position, make sure you are at your dominent pedal position, for me its left foot in fron, so if its an object I want to jump on, I go up to it, get in the right position, go backwards to get enough room, pedal fowards then jump. Curbs are easier cause you can turn some to get your pedals righ, or ride along it untill you feel good enough to jump Leaning how to hop with your other foot helps too =p

Think of curbs, stairs and the like as bumps. You are simply riding over some bumps. Easy as pie.

just remember 3 simple sayings if u dont push urself ull never get anywhere no falls no balls an chicks dig body damage

i know how you feel, the other week at unicycle club people were riding down some pretty steep flights of steps and i was at he top but chickened out i was too scared i felt really wimpy i am determinded to do it next itme!

start jumping onto something that’s 1 inch, then 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, etc. that’s how i learned. i’m at 6 inches right now and working my way up! :smiley:

I get that sometimes. Do you wear any type of leg armour(661s or anything like that)? I found that when i started wearing mine my confidence went way up. And Jerrick is right, the music can help alot.

Leg armor is gold. I just started wearing armor, and I am riding twice as fast, down hills that are quite treacherous looking. I got 661 as well, and although I’ve never owned another type, I can say that they are lite, comfy, and protective enough to boost my confidence.