Help deciding which 36 to get

Can anyone help me decide which 36 to get? I am a noob looking to upsize to a 36 and can’t decipher the important differences between the the KH36 and the Nimbus Oracle 36.
Looking at the UK UDC website, the Oracle is listed as 7.5kg vs. 8kg for the KH36 (weight not listed on the US UDC website for the Oracle yet). Oracle comes with a disc brake (brake not included on the KH). I’m pretty sure I want to have a brake. Also there is that awesome neon green on the Oracle to consider…:slight_smile:

You have already decided on the Oracle :wink:

I am starting to debate this but with the added potion of a Geared hub on my KH29

The Oracle is the better deal with an existing brake which personally I prefer as an inboard hub setup rather than the KH crank option. Weight will be close enough so as not to matter in the real world (the rider is always the weakest link and the easiest to reduce weight on).

As you like the colour (which I hate :stuck_out_tongue: adding to my choice issues) it seems to be a no brainer :slight_smile:

I think they were being sarcastic about the color. :thinking:

What about the Qu-Ax?

If you’re looking at the colour choices, check out their white 36er…

I think Nimbus needs to take a page from their style book!

In the eye of the beholder maybe, but in comparision to some other mfgs that only use one color (name witheld), Nimbus is doing okay with their color choices.

QuAx has two colors, so not exactly a great choice.

Personally I prefer no color (clear coat on aluminum) or black, otherwise I’ll get my frame powder coated.

You can get an Oracle with a black rim, only additional cost is having the wheel rebuilt.

QuAx is using 48 spokes on the 36er, so lots of extra weight with no added benefit. Spokes are very heavy and that extra weight has a big effect on how the uni handles, esp at slow speeds. Also their hubs are 50% heavier than a KH or Nimbus hub, not sure why, but those grams add up.

Get an Oracle, you can’t do better, then get the frame powder coated for $40 if you can’t stand it, you could also pay UDC an additional $30 to have the wheel rebuilt with a black Stealth 2.

Personally, I’d build a custom, choose your parts to get better cranks, better post, better pedals, better seat, better brake, and in the process you can get the wheel custom built and the frame painted :slight_smile:

Prices from

165	KH 36 frame (2012)
28	Pedals (KH?)
99	KH Moment crank 125/150
130	Nimbus Stealth 2 rim
45	KH Seatpost
128	Nimbus wide hub
10	KH Post clamp
65	KH Freeride seat
72	KH Spokes (371mm)
85	36” Nightrider tire
31.5	36” Foss tube
6	36” Rim strip

Did I miss anything besides brakes?

Where a complete KH 36" is $880 and I still have to build the wheel. I do prefer the idea of an inboard disc though…

You can’t use the wide disc hub you need the normal one and then you run into spoke length issues as this was similar to what I was looking at (I want an inboard disc but prefer the KH frame shape over the Oracle

You also need the D-brake adapter and a brake (you may need to get the rotor and caliper adapter as well depending on the brake kit) is very cheap compared to the Uk site as well, I tend to use the UK site anyway through loyalty to Roger and all he has done for the sport and the UK Unicycling community. A Schlumpf is mush cheaper at the German site though so I would have to defect on that purchase :wink:

Noticed I had the wrong hub, the Oregon hub isn’t listed at the Canadian site.

It’s a frame, it does nothing more than hold all the parts together, it doesn’t even have an affect on the ride quality, so if it’s the color that you don’t like, get it painted.

So really, the big differences outside of cost are extra wide hub vs standard hub and in board vs outboard rotor. You could probably build an inboard disc set up for a KH using a standard wheel built around the Oracle hub, but the rotor side spokes would be very steep.

Right, I forgot that the stock KH hub was 100mm, instead of 125mm.

Pete @ is good too and I’ll throw him my business any day. Nice to have a network of retailers that we all seem to like!

You’ll also need Spirit cranks instead of moments if you want to put a disc brake on the KH, plus the d’brake.

Oracle is probably the best deal for a complete uni (although I do not like the green color :roll_eyes: ). Josh at UDC-US told me yesterday the Oracle frame is slightly lighter than the KH, due to lack of reinforcing gussets at the seatpost, and no maggie mounts. Josh also reports that the new rim is stronger with deeper bead lip and bead space, so should hold tires better than the prior 36er rims. Although I don’t like the green, I’ll probably go with it to have the best rim I can get. Something to think about if you’re considering going with a black Stealth 2 rim (color alone strikes me as a poor reason to pay more to swap out for the older, (perhaps only slightly) inferior rim).

I’ve already got extra cranks and pedals, with new 36er tire on the way, and am happy with the saddle/post/handle on my Coker (same seatpost size as Oracle), so I’m probably going to buy an Oracle frame and wheel to swap out for my Coker parts, then add a disc brake of my choice. I also prefer the Oregon steel hub which I’ll get for my custom build, over the standard Oracle aluminum hub (although Josh says UDC-US will swap the hub out for the cost of the wheel build if you want the steel hub on a full Oracle uni). Then I can just get a seatpost and saddle for my son when he’s ready for the Coker (he can pay for his own upgrades after that :wink: ).

Not seeing a whole lot of love for the neon green. Here’s the poll that was on UDC back in June (arranged in order of most votes):

If Kh was to change his signature color what would you pick?
Green (Neon) – 98
Red – 88
Purple (Dark) – 62
Orange – 46
Green (Dark) – 39
White – 37
Black – 36
Any color but blue – 31
Yellow – 23
Grey – 10

And the Oracle line used 3 of the top 4 colors from the poll. Wish they would have saved the neon green for the 20" freestyle for all the kiddies that voted for it. :wink:

I think this was noted above, but just to be clear, I’m pretty sure the only 36er frame that will fit the Oracle or Oregon hub is the Oracle frame. KH is narrower, so only disc brake option for KH is outside the frame.

+1. They really should have chosen a better “old guy” color for the 36er. :stuck_out_tongue:

The 100mm Oracle hub will fit like it does on all the smaller KH frames, the issue is the tall spokes on a narrow hub don’t give much triangulation so strength may be an issue, also spoke availability is poor for 36ers anyway and so the standard wide oracle hub spokes may work with a shorter nipple as long as the original wheel wasn’t already using 12mm ones

Ideally I would like a KH36 with a 100mm oracle disc hub with the drilled stealth 2 rim which is all black with no machined rim brake surfaces.

All this because I hate green, dislike the skinny round frame, and think thin seat posts look ridiculous. And I don’t like pedals, saddle, brake… :stuck_out_tongue:

Fussy me never :stuck_out_tongue:

I know it will ride fantastically though

An Oracle standard hub will work with any 100mm spaced hub, but it’s a tad narrow for such a tall wheel, though it seems that QuAx is using a similar hub design for their 36er so maybe it’s a non issue.

Personally, I quite like the wider stance hub on the Impulse/Oracle, even run with Ventures it has a smoother ride than a KH with Moments, but them you can run a wide crank and really have some awesome control.

I have been swapping cranks on my 36er lately, went as short as 137 and as long as 170, sticking on some low Q 160 K1’s right now, ran 165 Ventures last week, might go back to 165 Moments if my 16-'s don’t work for on tonight’s night ride :smiley:

I wouldn’t worry about overall weight. However, look at where the weight has most effect: rim, tyres, tube.

I’ve owned two 36 inch unis. I had a heap of fun on my heavy old Coker Big One, and even more fun on my Nimbus.

I have ridden hundreds of miles on a 36 with no brake. Personally, I think it’s extra clutter and complexity for something I’d seldom use. If there’s an occasional descent that’s too steep for my knees, I’ll walk and rest my arse (US = “butt”). Maybe if I lived in the Colorado mountains I’d feel different.

Whatever you buy, you’ll modify. I trust both manufacturers for quality and commitment to the unicycling community. For most of us “merely human” riders, the choice will come down to aesthetics and brand loyalty.

That said, I’d like a pearlescent white one!

I was half-serious half-kidding about the color. Reading the other posts it seems this is a dear issue to many! I suppose the bright color might make me more visible to others on the road, and let’s face it, I won’t exactly be blending in with the crowd on my sweet 36" wheel (I’m 6’2), so might as well be visually loud and proud!

Also love the comment regarding the easiest weight to trim being on the rider!

Thanks for the sage advice and comments. I’ll probably go with the Nimbus, maybe get a neon green outfit to match it :astonished: !

oops sorry about the confusion I forgot the Oracle hub comes in two widths.