Help Deciding on First Unicycle

The Bruiser has been letting me learn on his 24" 2006 DX (he learned on it). I practiced for awhile and am able to freemount, second try, previously mounting using a mailbox as support. I have been able to travel ~20 feet, but I always fall at or before then, for a variety of reasons. I have not once made it further than that.

I want to get my own unicycle soon (waiting on money, a week or two yet), and am having trouble deciding on what to get. I will not be able to get two unicycles (too much money), but since I am interested in the 28" Ultimate Wheel, I may get one of those alongside or instead of a unicycle.

I believe I would like a larger tire for more speed while simply riding, but I am interested in trying freestyle, trials and MUni. I doubt I would MUni by myself (I’m sure the bruiser would drag me along to MUni often if he could, though). Looking to spend less than $200, but I may go higher if the quality is much better.

What would you recommend I get?

I’m also wondering how feasible learning to ride an Ultimate Wheel would be for a novice, as if it isn’t too bad I may just get a 28" Ultimate Wheel. Cheaper and more portable.

The neighbor of my friend down the street has a 12 or 16 inch unicycle which is currently collecting dust (size is The Bruiser’s guess, having seen it but with a flat tire); I may be able to get that free or cheap (~$20). It appeared to be a generic, chrome colored uni, would there be any reason to get it beside the novelty of a unicycle with a smaller tire?

My browser (Flock) crashed after I typed out my original message (grrr…).

Just get the DX 24" like Bruiser has…Itll do ya fine.

well, first off, ultimate wheels are insane, like 50 times harder than just a unicycle. definitely go for a unicycle first.

normally i’d reccomend a torker lx for a learner, but if you’re willing to go above 200$, go for the torker dx for sure, especially if you’re going into muni or trials. the splined hub will last a learner like you for years.

ps, i don’t know much about UWs (ultimate wheels) but apparently 28" wheels are the accepted learner size. but learn to unicycle first.

I think $260 is too much; when I said I may go above $200 I meant maybe up to $230.

The Nimbus II fell nicely in my price range (and the Bruiser wants me to get it…), how would that hold up for the occasional off-road?

If you’re not going to pay for a unicycle with a splined hub (like the DX), you’re best off getting a Torker LX for $99. It’s a fine learner, and can be taken off-road.

personally, I can’t imagine doing any muni on 127mm cranks. also, plastic pedals might get pretty beat up if you’re learning on it.

honestly, though, I think it would be worth it to spend $50 extra to get a splined uni (you can get the DX’s cheaper if you look).

yuo could bid on this one

Would the 26" LX ( be fine for some off-road? The tire it comes with is thinner (1.75") than the 24" LX (1.95") but both seem thin even for light MUni use. I’d like decent speeds for random rides through the neighborhood along with the ability to try trick and off-road riding. The 26" LX is only $104, so the price variance from the 24" is negligible. The 24" and 26" LXes both include a freestyle tire.

If the above auction for the DX doesn’t go too high I may get that, but I think it will exceed what I want to spend.

The 26" is OK. It ships with 170mm cranks, and with those long cranks it won’t be any faster than the 24" with 152mm cranks. You can put shorter cranks on it, of course, and with equivalent crank sizes it will be slightly faster than the 24".

I don’t think there’s a whole lot of difference; if you like the idea of a 26" more, go for it. 24" is more standard in the uni world, but 26" is more standard in the bike world, so you’ll have more tire selection.

In my opinion ur going to wish you spent the extra $60 to get the DX thats so much better for everything and you probably wont ever have to upgrade if u just add on to it…but i have a lx and there cool!