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I have a wheel with an open hub. What peices do I need to make it into a unicycle? Where can I buy them?


you cant use a bike hub for a unicycle axel you need a hub with keyways witch are made for unicycle

If they could get a gear to turn this thing, surely theres a way to rig up some cranks. Look how the part in the pic fits into the hub. If I could find another one of those (who knows where?) I can send on axle straight through sides and tighten it up. Right?

| |_
|   |
|   |   <-- The notch fits snug into the hub
|  _|

^^^ Part


Pic is below

Maybe you should make it into a BC wheel instead.

Like it was said before, I dont think what you are trying to do can be done with any sort of easy fix. While you probably could make a unicycle hub out of that, i would not recomend it. The problem with using bicycle hubs is that they ment to spin with an axle attaching them to the frame. There is no part that will simply fit in that gap and allow you to attach any crank that is currently available. Machining one would not be worth the time and money needed to do the conversion. Not to mention several other problems that you are likely to run into.

Sorry to burst your bubble.

you could unlace that relace the wheel with a unicycle hub