Help cranks move when i pedal

My GP is only 2weeks old, and i have tightned everything, then the wheel dont spin at a certain point, so i loosen till the wheel spins, tighten everything else tighter than ever, and still click click, its from the left side, help please

send an email to gp, he is likely to reply very quickly with some help.
also try look for tips on KH cranks as the GP crankset is the same.
Have you greased the splines etc?

no i have no greese at the moment how does that prevent the crank arm shifting?

how much is it shifting? just millimeters? micrometers?
most cranks will have a little bit of movement when they are new and settle, splines should br greased tho

mm , if measuring from the the end of the arm (where pedal is) its just anoying and i am afraid i might do more damage, i took it to a bike shop and they couldn’t fix it

what does GP stand for anyway, where can i find the OFFICIAL SITE

try this one out:

Did you get it from Gary land
If so ask him what the problem may be
GP i believe is a part of GAP cycle shop

thanks mate

how much movement we talking about?

very little by the sounds of it. nothing out of the ordinary

there is also and noise coming from some where in the rim or something, sounds like loose sand but i have only been on the road and its 2 weeks old

where i got it from i over an hour away and my work hrs make it impossible to go there for them to fix, and the local bike shop haven’t a clue

yeah i bought it from Gary Land, is the GP20" Trials a good uni, cause its my 1st one

take tire and tube off, also check tension of spokes.

it wont be the spokes. just take off the cranks and check to see if the bearings slip on the hub. As roger from UDC told me at BUC “it’s never the spokes”

It is a splined hub isn’t it?

yeas it is splined, the same as a 1st gen KH… anyways, sometimes it is the spokes :stuck_out_tongue: still i agree, it is less likely to be the spokes and so far he hasn’t done anything so need to start with cranks then hub etc etc

well with splined the margin between grip of the bearings and the hug has no tolerances. was the same with both my new KH20T and KH24F this weekend, you have to take off the cranks see if the bearings free move off the hub. If they do then you need to put a strip of printer paper 1 layer think around the hub and put the spacer and then the bearings need hamming back on top over that.

You’ll need a off cut from a seat post, rubber hammer and a flat head screw driver to do it.

Put the paper around and then use the screw driver to widen the spaced to put it down over the paper to the very end, and then you hammer the bearing on straight as far as it goes. The bearing will not move then as it shouldn’t, just make sure your hitting it st8.

Only other thing it can be is the bear cups on the bottom of the frame you ain’t putting on tight enough. Perfect test I found is to spin the wheel, it should free move and slow down a little more then a pedal bike would, but not slow down to fast to a stop. Just make sure you tighten both bolts evenly. If you tighten them when doing it a little 2 hard wont do a damage unless you ride it, just let them off :slight_smile:

All my teething probs with my uni’s are now sorted :smiley: