Help: Crank grab to rubber

I’m trying to learn to go from a crank grab up to rubber (ie up onto the ledge I crank grabbed on). Is there a secret to this technique? (my search didn’t yield anything useful)

I can’t seem to get the tire to clear the ledge. I’m using a KH24, not a trials uni. Will that make much difference? I also can’t really lower my seatpost much (my one complain about the KH frame is that it doesn’t allow much height adjustment), and it’s hard to squat down very far before springing up.

I tried it from a pedal grab instead, but it felt too squirrely–having the whole crank on the ledge gives me the sense of a firm platform that I’m working from.


focus on just pulling up. don’t worry about making it over onto the ledge that’ll take care of itself. squat a bit, then in one fluid motion jump and pull the uni up under you.

Truste me on this one, pedal grab works beter with a 24".
Then you don’t have to jump so high like with a crankgrab.


But you have to jump higher to go to rubber. A 20" is easier for this move, but there is no “tip” that someone can tell you that will make it easier that you wouldnt think of yourself. Much like with any trick, just go practice a bunch.

Check out “help on crank grabs” and similar threads in the Unicycling Tutorials forum.

I don’t know if anyone picked up on this but crank-grabbing to rubber is so much easier then pedal-grabbing to rubber. I know this probably doesn’t help but i’ve found it helps if you think of crank-grabbing to rubber as a ‘peeling’ motion. You have to lean your uni ‘into’ the ledge so that your crank isn’t completely resting on the ledge then draw up your legs. It takes a bit to get the balance right (to stall without your crank completely on the ledge) but after a couple of tries it becomes natural.

lol, im finishing up getting my 360 uni spin down, then gliding, almost have them both, wht is a crankgrab, ive heard a lot about it?

I’m decent at crank grabs and not even that good at pedal grabs and I find pedal grabs easier to go to rubber. I just pull up before I jump till the cranks are nearly vertical, then jump and while im in the air rotate the cranks to horizontal again. I find that I barely have to jump because the tire is only a few inches from the bench/table/whatever your hopping on.

Doing the actual pedal grab is what i’m not good at.

again I post the most usefull bit of advice i have ever been given. just do it.

you can do a 360 unispin but you can’t do a crankgrab?
either you’re lying
or you are lucky to get a 360 unispin down so fast

a crank grab is where you jump and catch a ledge w/ your crank and pedal

a pedal grab is the same thing, but w/o the crank on the ledge

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Thanks for the tips, everyone. I completely get the “peeling” idea, which is sort of how I approach most sideways hops anyway. If the rain lets up, I should have a chance to practice this today.

oh kk thanks, yea those are easy, i can get up a picknick bench like tht.

one key thing that I noticed is to crank grab towards the forward foot

just pull up and bend your knees a bit. when i do them i lean into the direction I want to hop up.

crank grab to the side that is comfortable jumping toward

Ok, like the threadstarter, I too am learning to get to rubber so uh, tell me if I’m doing it right and perhaps I can offer some tips from my learning progress.

Initially I’d hop right up or like someone suggested, learn towards the curb and hop up when I lose my balance. That didn’t work.

I got somewhat closeer to getting up on the curb by doing this yesterday - I leaned towards the curb but forward such that my balance is completely on my forefoot and my crank is tilting upwards, pivoting on my pedal.

When I start to lose my balance a little (i.e., fall forward), I’d pull my seat up such that my back foot slams down (at this point in time, my back foot crank would be 45 degrees above the curb), lifting my wheel and my front foot would have to back pedal a bit so that my cranks are in the power position.

I managed to get my wheel a lot higher than previously with less effort so am I on the right track?