Help Choosing a Street Unicycle

I have been unicycling for 4 years and I have gone through 2 unicycles, a 20 inch and a 26 inch Torker. I have broken them both by taking drops that they were not designed to withstand. I want to get a street unicycle that will be able to withstand drops and be light weight for jumping. I do not know what wheel size or crank size would be best for what I am asking. I am 6 foot and 160 lbs if it helps.

Any suggestions? My budget is under $300, but I am willing to stretch based on what you recommend.

Also if anyone has any reccomendations for a mountain unicycle that would be nice too. It would be cool to find a good 29er at a reasonable price.

Sounds like you need a trials unicycle. Nimbus is good, in my experience, and should have something in your price range. I tend to prefer shorter cranks (110mm or so), but trials unis tend to come with obscenely long ones.

If you want something larger than a 19" wheel, somebody else can give you better advice. I recently started riding a Nimbus 29" Road uni and like it a lot. For your drops, you’d probably want it with some stronger cranks than the ones it comes with, and a fatter tire- that’s the Nimbus 29 Muni, I think. Hayneedle may still have some sort of sale going on…

I picked up a used Impact Gravity off ebay, which, with shipping, came to just slightly over your $300 limit. I like it a lot, and it was practically new. So watch ebay and craigslist, you never know what’s going to pop up.
Good luck!