Help choosing a Muni

Hi all. It’s about one year that I bought my Huni-rex. I modded it to a 3.5" road tire (42" virtual wheel) and solved any kind of pedal-stroke issue.
I can ride for 40 minutes on flat than I’m completely tired. I cannot go backwards nor idle, nor do any sort of basic trick… so I’m considering downgrading to a smaller wheel!

Could I learn idling on a 26 Hatchet? How much does it weight? Do you have experience with a Fat 26 URC? Can you tell me the different feelings using both? No problem riding a tank, I’m used to :slight_smile:

Yes you can learn to idle on a Hatchet. No it won’t be as easy as learning on a 20" with a “regular sized” wheel (much lighter and quicker to move). Then you can have lots of fun riding trails on the Hatchet, which would be not-so-much on the lightweight 20". Sounds like a win to me!

I used to idle a Coker Big One with the heavy steel rim, and I’m barely an average rider, so yes, you can idle the hatchet - or any other uni you buy. Go for it.

Thank you for your help!

So I’ll go ungeared!

I cannot find review about URC fat 26"… It seems quite cheap but I don’t know URC quality. Any experience?

I cannot find review about 26" Impact. Is it for a wide tire too?

Really thank you guys! I’m looking for a fat one which can make me happy and my wife not too much nervous (2nd child’ll born within few days and his father thinking about unicycles… :o)

Hi! The URC fat 26" that I found has cotterless cranks, so if you’re planning on doing any actual off-roading or want to upgrade in the future, I would advise against getting it. I couldn’t find a 26" Impact unicycle anywhere. Do you have a link to one you are referring to?

The URC definetely has ISIS cranks. Decent uni for a good price and with good options, I’d pick dual holed cranks and a double walled rim, but pick what suits you the most.
I know one guy riding the URC 26", he had a manufacturing defect wheel at first , but they replaced it immediately (he was also one of the first to buy one, I think later ones will not have that issue now), and now it’s a great Muni for him.

That one looks better. Here’s the one I was looking at:

Edit: in the description I noticed it did say “ISIS hub” but the pictures show square taper cranks.

I bought a 29" Kh with disc brake because of an offer. Do you know which tire could the 2015 frame could mount? I’m using a KH freeride rim and wish I could use a 3- 3.8 tire

For tires over 3", only specific frames like the Nimbus Oregon / Hatchet, Mad4One Large frame, URC fat frame or other custom frames (Triton, Flansberrium…).

The good news is : except for the Nimbus frame, all the other frames listed have 100mm bearings spacing. That means they will work with your KH if you decide to go over 3".

KH 29" vs geared 26"

I bought a KH 29" and used today for the first time! It’s so featherweight! Seems I was driving a tank using my geared 26… now it’s completely different! I don’t even know that riding a unicycle means so much legs movement. It’s an aerobic exercise, I was used to think as a strenght training, not an endurance one! I don’t know if I could ever spin pedals fast enought to make a tight turn. Have you got any advice for me?

Not sure if I fully understand your question but:

To make a tight turn at reasonable speed, lean the unicycle, keeping your upper body as near to vertical as you reasonably can. The more the unicycle wheel leans, the faster it will turn. If you try not to lean your self with it, it will lean further and therefore turn faster. In real world riding, this is not a technique I use often as I seldom need to make a tight turn at speed.

To make a very tight turn such as turning round on a narrow path, slow right down. You will probably favour one foot. In my case, I usually idle with my left foot down, but my right foot is stronger for turning. Once you have slowed down and made yourself some room by positioning yourself to one side of the path, push the pedal down and turn in that direction, scrubbing the tyre. In my case, I find it easier to push the right pedal down and turn sharply to the right. Of corse, I can do either direction, but I have one side that is more reliable in a tight situation.

When you get better at it, you will also be able to push your right foot down, turning left (or vice versa).

You will find that as you get better at it, it will be smoother and you will think less about it.

Remember that you are the one who chooses how fast to pedal.

I’ll try tomorrow for the fast tight turn but I wonder when I’ll get used spinning pedals so fast! My question was about the feeling of downgrading my wheel: no more high torque required to move, but plenty of energy required to speed up (cannot stand too many RPM)

Sounds like maybe you could use shorter cranks? Depends on what you have now, and how steep your trails are. You certainly don’t need speed to make tight turns, it’s easier to do them slowly. The slower you go, the less you need to lean. But it’s more fun to do it fast, so just go a little faster each time and follow Mikefule’s advice. You’ll get it.

Put your pedals in the 127 holes and things will dampen a bit.

Myself, I would try to pedal with a little acceleration in your corners. Slow corners tend to be choppy. Accelerating in a corner will keep you smooth.

I would also try and keep my upper body in line with my uni to keep the centre of gravity closer to your body’s centre of gravity. Once you get some speed then you can really lean the uni.

I also grab the handlebars with my inside corner hand if I don’t have both hands on the bars. This helps keep things way smoother which then allows me to put more energy to the wheel.

I started with 150 cranks and swap to 127 within 5 minutes. Felt 150 softer than I can control. Lowered PSI to 15 (Maxxis Ardent… 2.5" I guess) and it became more maneuverable. I still need to get a comfortable high pace RPM without panting so much.

Thank you for the tips! After the newborn daily tasks (he is 8 day’s old) I’ll spend my remaining stamina on your suggestion.

I could have bought the Black Friday deal 32" Nimbus, tear it apart and build an Hatchet!!! My wife’ll kill me if she discovers that I’m thinking to buy a uni again

And then another one, then another one…! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

I recently bought the 26" hatchet. It weighs 7.5kg. I think it eats energy when riding it. Whether on asphalt or sand there is a lot of friction. It is my work-out uni, but I prefer to ride the 29" Nimbus Oracle.
I can’t idle at all, so have nothing sensible to say about that.

My wife was very angry when I told her 2 months after I bought it. It took me that long to build up the courage to tell her. If it is up to her I sell them all. Next time I will just tell her I had it all along and was just getting dusty in the shed.

I met a guy who bought all KH. His wife could tell the 19 and the 36 were different but couldn’t tell the rest apart. He just kept moving the unis around the house and never had any two in the same room so she only thought he had 3 or 4 all the same color blue:D