Help! can't land anything.

Alright, so as I said in the title I can’t seem to land anything. That being said, I can throw quite a few tricks but just can’t get my front (left) foot on the pedal, the back foot gets on almost every time even if I’m not focusing on it. Here a few of the tricks I can’t seem to get, I’ve been working on all of them for at least 4 months and have been able to throw them all for at least 2 months.

360 unispin
540 unispin
270 unispin down from tire
and even the odd double flip

I find all of these super easy to throw and get my back foot on the pedal but impossible to get my front foot on the pedal.

Any help or tips would be appreciated.


First of all, I suggest working on one trick at a time. This may speed up the process of

learning the new trick/tricks. As for 360 and 540 unispins, I’m having the same problem.

When I was learning crankflips, I found it easier to press down on the cranks, let them

spin faster, and jump higher. I think this gave me more time to find the cranks and land.

Looking down at the tire and finding the pedals before you land might help as well.

All in all, I think it’s just practice and time. I had the same problem as you when learning

crankflips, I always got my back pedal on. Eventually it just came though with practice.

Good luck!

The key to all tricks is commitment. The reason you’re only getting one foot on is that you aren’t actually trying to land the trick with both feet. Your front foot is hitting the ground because you’re afraid of falling if you go for it with both feet.

You don’t realize all of this at first, and it feels like you really are trying to land it. If you can get one foot on, you can probably get the other on, all you have to do is go for it. Practice somewhere safe, wear safety gear, and get someone to encourage you. This will help you commit.

Everyone goes through what you are going through for almost every trick, and landing the trick with one foot is usually the best way to get a good feel for it before you commit. The key is realizing when landing with one foot is no longer helping you learn the trick, and is holding you back.

Also, try to to land one footed with the other foot, it will help you get more comfortable with the trick.

Thanks guys, I used your tips and went out and landed a 3 spin and had them 50% after an hour. :smiley: Riding with other people sure does help.

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