help - buying unicycle

hi i want to buy unicycle, i’m not quite sure which one?
i will use it for juggling, not some extreme downhill :smiley:
there is one shop in my country, and they have QU-ax unicycles…
any suggestions?

feministice ce reci da sam sovinist, no recite mi Vi, da li bi svinja
jebala kravu?

Qu-ax is a good brand. Their “standard” type is good enough for general riding and for juggling on it. If you will be performing you’ll probably need to manoeuvre in small spaces, like stages and so. A 20" wheel is best for that. 5" (or 125 mm) cranks are a good size for a 20" wheel, as they offer good control.

Are you in Slovenia? Just guessing from the language in your signature, but I met the Slovenian unicycle shopkeeper on the last Unicon in Denmark. Nice guy.