Help buying next uni please

I know this is crazy, but I want another one. I have a Nimbus 24" muni that I put a less drastic tire on, but I am thinking of putting the Duro back on and then buying another uni with a road tire. Should I move up slowly to a 26" or jump right up to a 29" ? Is a 29" that much harder? I’m thinking about the Nimbus Drak, since I can upgrade the seat to a freeride. I would then buy a Big Apple tire. Also, what do you think about cranks? I was thinking to upgrade to dual holes, just not sure which sizes to go for. Any advice would be appreciated.

Easy. 29". 26" is too small of a difference. :slight_smile:

For road riding, you can start with a pair of 125s, but that’s fairly long for road on a 29". I used to use 102s if I wanted to go fast. Something longer if there were lots of hills involved.

29 for sure. I have limited skills, but the 29 is a snap, and I have no problem switching between my Nimbus 24 Muni and the 29. I bought the Nomad (to get 150mm cranks), and replaced the tire with a street type tire. It is a sweet riding machine on the street!

I agree that 29" would be the right choice. I switched from a N24 muni to a KH29 a year ago. That wasn’t a problem - and I still appreciate both sizes for different kinds of riding.

However, I use 150 mm cranks on both. Even though the KH29 have 125/150 cranks, I haven’t used the 125 mm option so far. I am probably just a chicken, but 150 mm still don’t limit my top speed… :o

I went from a 24 to a 29, both with 127 cranks with no problems. Once you are on it doesn’t feel like you are much higher either.
I would follow Klaus’ advice about cranks, going longer than shorter will make things easier to start with and if you have double hole cranks you should be happy in the long term.


I went from a 24" to 36". After a few hours on the 36" I was good to go. Still working on freemounting which I seem to get about 50% of the times I try. I say go all the way with a 36".

One more question

I guess I’ll go for the 29" Drak so I can get the freeride seat, then I’ll get a road tire. It is a little hilly here. Should I go with the 125/150 or the 137/165 crank upgrade? I am on 150’s with the 24" muni. Thanks, guys.

125/150. I ride a 24 with 140s and my 29er has 125s. You will not regret getting the shorter cranks on your 29er, even with some hills. The hubs on my unis are the same and I can interchange cranks easily. For these two unicycles I have a set of 125s, 140s, 150s, and 165s. The 165s have never been mounted. The flexibility of the 125/150 cranks will make them very useful to you. Once you get a bit of time on the uni, my guess is that you will ride the 125s nearly all the time, unless you are headed offroad.

I have 137/165mm on my nimbus 29er…I’ve never used the 165mm position though I probably will in the future (on big steep hills and off road).

Have fun, :slight_smile:

I have to agree with everyone go with the 29. As John pointed out 26 isn’t that much different from you current unicycle.

If you can get the dual holed cranks go for it, that will give you the option to switch things up when you want. I have a KH29 with the 150/125s, it’s a good option.

Enjoy, a 29er is a fun unicycle. :slight_smile:

Also +1 for the 29er.

I personally ride with single hole 137s - never had an issue even on the steepest of hills and I can really spin up to a good speed if I want to.

Take a 29 for sure!!! I bought a 29 nimbus muni last week with a fusion freeride saddle and 150 (stock) cranks and absolutely no regrets!!!

My 29er quickly became my favorite uni. I have the dual hole cranks 150/125. 150mm for muni and 125 for everything else.

After you get the 29’er, you will still be a few uni’s away from calling youreself crazy :slight_smile:

You have to keep in mind our age bracket! Everyone we tell about this thinks we’re nuts :smiley:

You mentioned that your riding area has hills. If you have any knee issues at all, go with the 150mm cranks. Both of my knees have been injured before, and when I tired 125 mm cranks on my 29, downhills caused quite a bit of pain. Riding down hill seems to put a lot more stress on the knee than up hill, at least for me.

If you have knee issues I’d really recommend getting a good brake fitted - it makes all the difference in taking pressure off your legs even on the shallowest hills.

Now a brake question…

I thought about a brake, but I can’t ride consistantly yet with my hand on the saddle. Are brakes hard to install? I see several for sale on the trader forum.

The brakes aren’t particularly hard to install if you buy them with the right length hose on so you don’t have to shorten it.

Riding with your hand on the saddle will also help your knees when going downhill and for general control so I’d recommend trying to practice that whenever you’re out on your unicycle.