HELP bunny hopping advice/tips

hello fellas, i’m trying to learn how to hop repeatably up and down in same spot trying to learn how to position myself for logs,curbs drops,ect but i get a one hop or two and i fall over, pedals turn in air, or cant ride away. anyone have any tips or advice be great thanks:)

i just learned recently also. just practice riding forward, pausing hopping until you are about to fall and ride off. it took me about 2 days to learn. the key is to make sure that you feet stay parrallel to the ground all the time. you will go from 1 hop to 2 to 3 to 5 to 10 to 20 to infinite:D

but i try to keep pedals horizontal in mid air but the pedal/tire moves?:frowning:

Pull up on your seat while hopping. Your arm can be straight. This will hold the pedals against your feet. It should work as long as you are hopping evenly with both feet.

i know it is annoying but just do what the previous have said and…

:slight_smile: Practice:p

start jus jumping once and fall pedaling
then jump twice
then jump three times
I just learned like that in something like 4 weeks ago and now I can already SIF hop something about 50cm

alright thanks buddys i guess theres nothing to it just like every other trick “P-R-A-C-T-I-C-E”

I’d figure out which way you hop: right or left foot forward. Then just practice. Once you get better and you start on side hops, jump towards the opposite direction of which hand you hold the handle with–I hold it with my right hand, and gap to the left, for instance.

Also try locking your knees for little hops it really helped me. Also make sure you tighten your pedals nicely or you will end up like me sitting on my computer waiting for replacement parts :angry:

Also you’ll probably want to have your tire at a pretty low pressure, but don’t bottom out.

okay looks like i bent the axel and cranks jumping off a picnic table…:o bad idea for only 2 weeks of riding… :roll_eyes:

This always worked for me when i learned:
start with 1 small jump then ride off and then if you think about it however many small jumps you do you still have to do a big jump so this is what thats for)
then 1 small jump then 1 big jump
then 2 small jumps then a big one
and now you can either carry on to 3 to 4 or find a pole and do little jumps over it! :sunglasses:

Does it really need to be explained like its hard? Its not rocket surgery :wink:

Man. If you wanna hope do this.

Grab uni.
Get against fence.
Stand dont sit.
Jump with your feet not your arm which that what your probably doing.

I agree with SHAY CAM, it the best an relatively safest ways to learn to hop. if you dont have a fence, balance yourself up against a wall or the side of your house or something. Also, make sure to bend your knees a little (dont lock them). This helps to continue hopping and helps to set you up for jumping over stuff. if you are doing curb drops, then you really need to bend your knees to absorb the shock

It’s not exactly locking your knees out straight, but yeah that’s kind of the idea. Your knees should be fixed in a slightly bent position while standing up.

What might help is if you practiced riding while standing up. When you are hopping you want to be standing up over the seat, holding onto the front of the seat and using your inner thighs to grip the sides of the seat. You dont want to be putting any weight sitting on the seat.

Also, don’t push down with the hand that holds onto the seat; it’s not there for balance. It’s there to pull up and lift the unicycle up.

oh, that helps allot thnx cause before my thighs where like sticking out haha:D